Melvin Fromm Jr.: “Open Road To Dreams” – fun, nostalgic, relaxing, and just cool

In an era when elaborate wordplay and adventurous production are the order of the day, Melvin Fromm Jr. makes an impact without uttering a word or breaking a mold, other than expanding the commercial parameters for pop instrumentalists. Dashing composer Melvin Fromm Jr. has been steadily building his catalog of songs that span many genres. Melvin composes unpretentious rhythms and melodies without too many bells and whistles. As he prefers to keep his compositions clean and easy listening.

“Open Road To Dreams” is another one of Melvin’s piano-driven tunes. This is a fantastic antidote to the current stuff that passes for music out there today. With a few exceptions, I find most of today’s “popular” music to be more about singers trying to impress us with their vocal gyrations and volume.

melvin-fromm-jr-250And producers using their techno toys to fill in where an actual melody might work instead. On the other hand Melvin Fromm Jr.’s music is fun, nostalgic, relaxing, and just cool.

I like all kinds of music and every genre has its bests. Melvin Fromm Jr. is one of the best in his field. All of the songs are instrumentals and if you are a fan of instrumentals you would do yourself a disservice if you skipped this.

The guitars or pianos are the vocal replacements on his tracks, but to say that the songs are just about these instruments does not take in to consideration the complexity of some of Melvin’s arrangements.

“Open Road To Dreams” is great music for young and old and you should be playing this for your kids from the day they are born to create the synapses they will use the rest of their life. Melvin Fromm Jr. should be in the collection of every true music fan.

Melvin seems to be a musician for all seasons, as his music caters to everybody. This is not just great music, it also takes you back to the times of rock n’ roll, hot rods and just plain feeling good!

MORE ABOUT: Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. says that in 1999, “God opened this door”, after he put his feelings song, about his girlfriend Perchita Grate (now his wife). Melvin then had pro studio musicians make a demo of the song and in 2001 and eventually a Canadian Deejay helped Melvin get airplay in 56 countries.

In 2014 Melvin Fromm Jr. started writing and producing his own instrumental music and continued to work with many top studio musicians. As he moves forward building his profile and music catalog, Melvin’s popularity has been increasing and he is getting radio airplay in more the 200 countries to date. A variety of music companies are also currently reviewing Melvin’s work for Film, and TV projects.

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