Permatrip: “Humanimalien” smacks you hard between the ears!

Formed in the late spring of 2011, Permatrip started out as a duo consisting of guitarist Tom Brown and drummer Billy Dorothy under the temporary project title “The Coolzers”.  The...

Formed in the late spring of 2011, Permatrip started out as a duo consisting of guitarist Tom Brown and drummer Billy Dorothy under the temporary project title “The Coolzers”.  The duo later invited guitarist Krys Carletti to join the collective, and thus, Permatrip was born. The band’s debut full-length LP “25 Eyes” was released on April 20th, 2014. After a long hiatus Permatrip returned with Tom Brown on guitar, Krys Carletti on guitar, and Tony Kalalas on drums, which led to the writing and recording processes for their sophomore album, “Humanimalien” in 2015. However on the drive home after the first night of recording, Permatrip’s van was hit in a head on collision, rendering the band out of commission for a few months. In early 2016, Permatrip entered the studio once again, determined to finish recording the album. Now, after two and a half years in the making, “Humanimalien” is finally complete.

Some artists are made to write music and gather an audience. They sit in their bedrooms and start strumming and writing lyrics from the heart and maybe even score a hit or two. Some however, are made to change how people like and see music altogether. Permatrip are different.

They’re like those little kids who stand in the corner of the playground, that have no friends, and are seen as weird, but you just know that they’ve got something up their sleeves – that they’re thinking something.

From the first song of “Humanimalien”, “Rewriting Fate”, you know you were right. The album for the most part is a damn vicious, bone-crushing affair. The production is turgid and dirty, but it’s a thoroughly entertaining experience if you dig heavy guitar riffs and thumping rhythms.

Permatrip instrumental heavy metal style style isn’t the easiest thing to explain and due to its sheer complexity it isn’t the easiest thing to sum up in a few words. The fact that so many things are going on in the album – the switches from rhythmic, to melodic, to ambient structured songs – are just a few reasons as to why you will have to listen to it to see whether you like it or not. It is an obvious thing to say, but it’s so very true.

“Humanimalien” will sometimes make your head explode, but it is certainly distinguishable from other metal bands and also shows the band knows exactly what levers to pull to progress. It dismisses the non-vocal limits of the band itself and almost certainly pushes the limitations of heavy rock and metal.

This pap has been said time and time before about many bands, but Permatrip certainly does give something new to the listener. Blazing riffs and soaring twin guitars allow the listener something truly rare…to escape to another place completely. If you’re into metal bands with a harder edge and your brain is still connected to your soul then you won’t be disappointed.

Having no posing front-man, so to speak, Permatrip is based on teamwork and the chemistry between the band members. Each musician has the one special thing they do and do well. Each talent gets showcased in its own due time or all at the same time. The guitars are luring and intoxicating, a sound of true beauty, even though they’re crunching with hostility.

These are backed by thunderous drumming and a set of interesting arrangements. Standout tracks that quickly come to mind are, “The Power Of Three”, “Phallic Phlailing”, “Phiredance” and “Horus Vs Set”.

From the very beginning this album smacks you hard between the ears and leeches into your brain, with complex time changes, gut wrenching epic guitar riffs, and drumming to make your ears bleed. Why would they need a singer, there is enough mayhem already!


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