CJ2Much: “Club Feelin” brings diverse flavors along for the ride!

From solo work to collaborations with other known Louisville artists, has been relentless in his pursuit to reach the top rungs of the music ladder. The beatmaker, producer and performer, has delivered hits such as “2Much”, “Club Feelin” and “Top Shelf”, taking his sound across the Club, EDM and RnB genres. Soon to be featured on MTV2, with more material on the way, and constant rising spins on Pandora Radio, failure has not been an option for CJ2Much. Contrary to what one might assume by his inked-up exterior, this guy is not just a rapper.


His voice is a perfect fit in an R&B genre that is lacking lately, to say the least. CJ2Much is the type of artist that can sing hood anthems, but at the same time sing with the best of them in a church choir.

In terms of promising releases, CJ2Much comes out the gate swinging with his 12 track album “Club Feelin’”. The album is, on the whole, an intensely personal and creative look into what shapes CJ2Much into the artist he is right now. Clearly, he is not just another pretty face forced onto the radio by some label executive.

Instead, he does an excellent job and stands out from the rest with his hip hop lane of R&B. From the beginning of the album, we’re hit with the track “I Got It (Intro)”, where he lays it all explicitly bare for the listener – “Open up your mouth, relax your jaw. You know I got it, playing with the pussy is my hobby.  Beat it till she tells me stop it, then you know she’s got it.

Though some of the titles here sound like they could be a little freakier than they are, it is CJ2Much’s earnest, honest approach that makes these songs work. There is nothing overly saccharine about his crooning to women or how he tries to appeal to lady listeners. You can hear it in “Top Shelf Feat. JT Antonini and “2 Much”. There are featured guests throughout “Club Feelin” who deliver good artistic support. Ko$mik Kyda, JT Antonini, AyeTeeM, and La’ Tray, all help out in a meaningful way.


“Rewind (One Time)” featuring JT Antonini, is one of the highlights in this sense. And while the album up until this point sounds totally homogeneous, “Waterfall” is one of the spots where CJ2Much really shows us what he is capable of by singing and switching up his cadences, while the song itself is pretty heartrending. Something he repeats in an even more powerful way on the closing track “Classy” Feat. JT Antonini.

CJ2Much seems to be an open individual that puts all of his self and life into his music. His songs will have you relating and understanding him like you’ve known him for years. He doesn’t sugar coat anything and he keeps it real, which people will tend to be receptive too.

The urban music scene has been dying for years now with only a few artists making a real impact on the industry, CJ2Much album is a breath of fresh air compared to the music in the same category, as it brings diverse flavors along for the ride – from Hiphop to Rnb and Electronic. CJ2Much’s narrative-driven niche is blatantly underrepresented on the pop charts right now.

Judging by the way he effectively turns his stories into a catalyst for a brighter future – he has potential to dominate the lane right now!


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