D Beez: “Alright” delivers precisely what hip hop audiences want

Boston rapper D Beez already co-signed by major industry Djs, is on a home run. A couple of months ago he put forth a banging production and performance on the track  “Paper” ft. Fred Nice which gave the uninitiated a clear picture of this artist’s skill set. Not one to rest on his laurels, D Beez is back with another potential smash, the brand new single, “Alright” taken from his upcoming “Visions” EP. If you’re looking for a good song before the summer sets in to this project delivers it.

D Beez

2016 has been a banner year for D Beez. Filled with hard-hitting bangers and plenty replay value. His releases cemented him as arguably the new rapper-to-beat in the lead up to his upcoming EP. The stakes are high, and when “Visions” is finally released, I, for one, will almost definitely be ecstatic. In the meantime we can savor “Alright”.

D Beez has grown to perfect his formula on the track. If you’re looking for a song with lyrics that will be analyzed for years to come, look elsewhere; but if you’re looking for a good track to prepare your “turn up for the girls” club night, or for a project that delivers, good laid-back vibes, this is it. As much as Tory, Lanez, Fetty Wap, Travis Scott or Future have tried to make their own cases within this style, it seems that D Beez might undeniably be making his own.

D Beez has delivered precisely what hip hop audiences want for the Most part now: Tight verses, melodic choruses a great electronic beat. “Alright” builds on his past work, emphasizes his best qualities, and comes on as a strong first release for 2017; it’s dressed to impress.

“Alright’s” biggest selling point is D Beez’ vocals. Locked into this smooth beat, he is constrained only by the limits of his voice, and even those he easily pushes against at every chance he gets. He switches flows constantly using his sing-song style. This free-flowing style makes listening to D Beez’ not just exhilarating but inspirational.

The track’s immediacy is why makes it make such an impression the first time around, and it’s a break from the increasingly experimental leanings of many hyped pop releases. Though he is already co-signed, D Beez still knows he has more to prove as a potential star and as an artist. That’s why he ain’t letting up now, and “Alright” comes on strong enough to convince you of that.



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