Brielle Von Hugel: “Naked” sends shivers down your spine!

Brielle Von Hugel is a 21-year-old Staten Island native who has already competed on American Idol in Season 11. Signed to F.r.e.e.d.o.m. Records, this soulful singer has also garnered millions of YouTube viewers; she has performed at Madison Square Gardens and appeared in Billboard Magazine, and the New York Times. Currently Brielle Von Hugel is working on a new EP, and has released her empowering, piano-driven anthem, entitled “Naked”.

My inspiration for Naked stemmed from my strong desire to inspire young women,” says Brielle. “All of my life, I’ve had such powerful female role models to look up to and I would love if someday my voice and my music could teach girls to love themselves, to live confidently and to follow every dream they’ve ever had.” 

“Naked” also demonstrates that over and above her vocal and performance qualities that her songwriting ability is just as strong, as she penned the song together with Joseph Martino, Todd Schroeder, Laura Monaco.

While Brielle Von Hugel’s powerhouse vocal command will continue to draw comparisons with a host of legendary female singers – a prime example is the soulful positive swagger heard on “Naked” – the Staten Island native is carving her niche among her predecessors with her own brand of fearlessness.

Brielle’s boldness is not merely a testament to the fact she spends the better part of 4 minutes establishing an audacious image and steely vocals that keep both her subject matter and listeners at arm’s length. It can also be attributed to the fact she just as quickly dismantles those expectations with a more inward-looking, exposed and sensitive attitude in the same song, too.

The song just sends chills down your spine. The song’s producer expertly reins in this aspiring diva’s powerhouse vocals, making the melody soar rather than being beaten down into submission.

“Naked” could so easily have been schmaltzy and cliché. But I think Brielle’s interpretation stand’s out simply because her voice doesn’t let the song get drowned in its own sentiment. The song is a combination of female empowerment and learning to stand up for yourself, without hiding the person you really are, all wrapped in a powerful musical arrangement and outstanding vocals.

Moreover Brielle Von Hugel is the total package. And for proof just watch the engaging video clip of the song. The woman is stunningly attractive – with or without make-up – but just as impressive is her communicative skills – her eyes, her mouth, and her entire body language says exactly what she sings. There is something very special in that…


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