The Soap Boxers: “Monster” – a band in total sync!

The Austin, Texas band, The Soap Boxers, release their brand new single “Monster”, in anticipation of their upcoming EP. Keeping in step with where the band left off with their previous recordings, the tinted and tightly paced “Monster” is an alluring musical rainbow that sets The Soap Boxers apart from other niche throwbacks.

The track blisters with personality, pop, rock, soul, and the grit of each member’s performance. They manipulate flavors under heat and pressure, cooking up the goods like their rocking forefathers used to make.

Jeff Norby
Jeff Norby

Every single layer of this song works in perfect unison, like one of those heavily played classic vinyl recordings you may find in an abandoned Southern recording studio before digital took over the world. Frontman Jeff Norby croons like a tenacious veteran, while bassist Jory Mayer grooves in harmony with Rodrigo Lloreda’s psychedelic guitar lines, sailing through the punctuated drumming by Chris Howell.

All this allows Norby to butter soul over the distinguishable rock verses. “Monster’s” greatest feat is The Soap Boxers’ ability to swing back and forth between distinctive moods while maintaining the record’s overall continuity and raw spirit.

Without pretense or irony, The Soap Boxers carry on a vibrant roots rock ‘n’ roll tradition with psychedelic twists and turns that keep listeners curious about what’s next. Their debut recording fired the warning shot two years ago and “Monster” continues that momentum.

This track is an improvement and an evolution on every front and there is an immense amount of sonic diversity coming from it. The song brims with the confident ambition of a band discovering and exploring exactly what they’re capable of. And if the impression of an intuitive band and a powerhouse voice in total control of The Soap Boxers capacities is well made, so is the sense of a band in total sync.

The Soap Boxers epitomize what a rock band should be in this era. Confidence oozes out of every note that pours from instrument to voice, but it doesn’t translate into big-headed egos. And most importantly, the band manages to channel a spectrum of musical influences, from Southern roots music to classic rock, without retreading the well-worn paths that others are content to roll on.


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