Aaron Beri: “Kingdom Falls” – a silky atmospheric sound that oozes into your ears

“Kingdom Falls” is Aaron Beri’s first single of his upcoming album ‘Avalanche’. The track, Produced by ARIA Nominee Peter Holz and Mastered by Grammy Award Winner William Bowden, was written and performed by Aaron. Born and raised in England, Aaron was taken away by the modeling industry at the age of 16 and it was on a rooftop in Manhattan, one bitter evening, that his first begun songwriting. Melodies came instinctively to him. It was an expression of a child growing up in a very adult world learning to deal with cold and turbulent people. But most importantly making it through the storm and emerging victorious.

Listening to “Kingdom Falls” just proves one thing – Aaron Beri is a musical talent. This track took me on a roller coaster ride of musical highs and highers, with no lows. Aaron is a vocal chameleon. The way he weaves his voice into the song’s arrangement is breathtaking.

From empowerment to loss and longing, to raw emotion and dedication, his voice mesmerizes and reaches into your soul. The lyrics are achingly honest and he sings them with integrity and feelings. This is very balanced and showcases Aaron’s voice exquisitely.

He seems to have an impressive knowledge of musical technique. He knows his chords, his timing, phrasing, and how to place his voice in the sound spectrum for maximum effect. “Kingdom Falls” is a beautiful song, sung exquisitely, with great beauty of tone, emotion and power.

As mentioned previously, Aaron has a great, vocal command and this song displays it in its fullness. The interesting thing to me is what a fine songwriter Aaron is too, compared to other current pop artists.

“Kingdom Falls” is such a silky atmospheric sound it just oozes into your ears. There is genuine beauty to every urgent line of this record, and it sounds so glorious it is impossible not to feel buoyant when listening to it. No dream seems unrealistic and no amount of bravado seems out of place.

This is the kind of song that shelters your fears and makes you stronger against all odds. It sets the tempo for a rare and wondrous adventure, when you’re fully aware of your commitment no matter what. The sway and drive of this music fills you with yearning and hope. Aaron Beri has taken the stand that anything is possible if we are not too terrified to let our emotions flow forth.


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