Jerry Collins: “Following Wisdom” – relaxed but powerful in content

Lyricist Jerry Collins, has steadily been building up his catalog as he continues to collaborate with other singers, instrumentalists and songwriters. “Following Wisdom” is another one of his spiritually inspired tracks, as many of them are, but without being too heavy-handed lyrically. The first time I listened to Collins’ songs, I was mildly impressed. But it quickly has become a go-to when I would like some music, some uplifting, and want to feel a vibe that is relaxed but powerful in content.

Some people comment on Collins not mentioning to whom the song was written. Well, how often do we use direct addresses in our conversations with people? It is clear whom he is magnifying! It has a worship feel, but this is not a song geared towards corporate worship services but for listening to and singing along with.

I would definitely classify this as easy listening, yet I much enjoy the listening and I am drawn to Collin’s thoughts in the process. “Bar my words and hear my directions. I will give you hope, guidance and a better future. If you take time to listen and understand, you will live among the wise and prosper,” read the words of Jerry Collins, a clear message of hope, guidance and inspiration.

Jerry Collins again shows his true artistry. He is an amazing writer and storyteller. He captures and presents his experiences and thoughts in a way that is so simple and seems easy, but is so profound and so powerful.

And besides the lyrics in this track being good, the supporting music in the background also stirs the soul along with the pleasant vocals – which are powerful but never pretentious – in other words a solid recording with uplifting messages and overtones.

There is a lot of understated emotion  too, but that’s nothing new considering Collin’s chosen singer always sings from the heart, and in some of these voicings, he sacrifices technique to put across the pure honest emotion of the lyrics. You’ll just love sitting back and let Jerry Collin’s song talk to you.


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