RealKells: “Back To The Place” ft. Tony Ozier an embellished sweet beat!

Bryan Kelly (RealKells) a HipHop artist from Hood River, Oregon who walks the line between contemporary and old school hip-hop, as well as RnB, has dropped the single “Back To The Place” feat. Tony Ozier – who has worked with artists such as Kool Keith, Too Short and Master P. In the Mid-90’s, there were a hot-bed of rappers that hit the funky bass-driven bandwagon, and hit the big time along the way too. RealKells wasn’t there back then, but he sure could have been. I have to say, he has just the right personality to make it big.

He comes across as intelligent, reflective, fun to listen to, and has a good, rhythmic flow. He spends less time cussing, and more time reflecting on life and surviving in Hood River if you ask me.

the cover artwork

Over a vintage, bass-bubbling beat, RealKells shows that he is a great storyteller, and this joint is the bomb. The track stands as one of those tunes that make me a passionate hiphop fan, while many others try desperately to drive me away in these modern times.

“Back To The Place” ft. Tony Ozier has the definitive funky bass beat for 2017 in my opinion. This takes no time to grow on you, as the sweet beat embellished with a shimmering organ and stabbing horns simply takes over and RealKells’ dope flow will have you shaken inside and out.

RealKells may not break completely new ground in a thematic sense, but you’ll love his flow, and his lyrics take you to a time when hip-hop was tight; RealKells is hip-hop, and he shows it throughout this track.

“Back To The Place” ft. Tony Ozier is a laidback, soulful party jam that is ready to move to the bedroom, with a smooth shiny keyboard and smoked out beat holding up the groove.  If you’re not familiar with this particular style of music, it’s where rhythm is life, and life is rhythm. It combines melody with heartfelt and meaningful lyrics.

If you look around the hip hop and mainstream charts right now, you won’t find another tune quite like this one.

Who is that a bad reflection on? What do think? I think modern-day hip hop should be looking at itself in the mirror because the current reflection is not a good one at all. Not until the industry forces artists like RealKells and songs like “Back To The Place” ft. Tony Ozier to orbit under the radar!


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