The Forgotten 45’s: “In Case You Forgot” – Reverberates in the soul!

The Forgotten 45’s formed after playing in various acts together over the last ten years. Three years ago the current members decided to team up, and now have hundreds of gigs under their belt. All of the members share a love of 60’s pop (particularly The Beatles), but also draw on modern influences such as Built to Spill, Pavement, Death Cab for Cutie and Teenage Fanclub. In their short career the 45’s have enjoyed regional success with multiple local radio station studio sessions, as well as having their first single Pink Azaleas featured in the independent film ‘The Space Between’. The band is: Nolan McSheridan (Vocals), Michael Rossi (Guitar, Vocal Harmonies), Cosmo (Bass) and David Gies (Drums). The Forgotten 45’s sophomore studio album is entitled “In Case You Forgot”.

How can one to begin to use words to explain such a majestic piece of art. Very influential, it reverberates in the soul. The Forgotten 45’s comes across as a wonderful band with a unique and rich sound as well as lyrics. It’s for those who like that raw spirit, and it’s also quite whimsical. Traits you would normally find in the legendary 60’s bands that form part of their influences.

It had seemed as if the story of The Forgotten 45’s was already more or less written after their debut: Indie pop band forgoes simple, summery perfection of early work to craft epic, melodic retro-guitar pop-rock. Up until now The Forgotten 45’s music served as a reliable platform for their seemingly plaintive, melodic and layered songwriting, brought to life by a band whose talent and proficiency at times seems boundless.

“In Case You Forgot” marks the first steps of an unexpected second chapter in the group’s saga – holding onto their usual meticulous sprawling guitar arrangements and studio polish, and adding a more refined, yet spontaneous approach.

This their second album is filled with inspiration and flawlessly executed tracks, like the crunchy “Fly On The Wall” which shows that the band can make good, using a plethora of diverse musical ideas. They sound downright groovy and energized on “Otherside”.

“In Case You Forgot” wastes no time in establishing itself as the strongest entity within the band’s fresh catalog: As the album begins, the band lays down a set of urgent backbeat and layers of harmonies that immediately blasts away any thought of sophomore complacency.

“Runaway”, “Ms. Kuhle”, “By The Way” and “What I Need” establishes a set of insistent and muscular songs, awash with mellifluous melodies, and unlike anything anybody else is doing in the business today – mainstream or underground.

The Forgotten 45’s songs highlight the feelings and sensations that have no obvious consequences in the moment but somehow stay with you in every detail, while the music and arrangements on the album is every bit the match of the subject matter.


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