Mojib – “I’ve Got A Future” Two Litanies Remix ft. Gavin Clark

English singer-songwriter and musician Gavin Clark passed away tragically in 2015. Clark also collaborated with Toydrum aka Griffith and Clements on their cult track “I’ve Got A Future”. Toydrum recently dropped a compilation album entitled “My Eye On You”. Alongside such names such as TOYDRUM, Kai & Sunny, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Trentemøller and others, you will find Swedish producer Mojib,  whose Two Litanies Remix of the late Gavin Clark single “I’ve Got A Future” was  included on compilation. With this track, Mojib has again proven himself to be a master of his craft. The song is dark, with a subtle eeriness that finds its way into the verses, especially when you hear Gavin Clark sing the line “I’ve got a future”.

Demanding to be listened to at once, the Two Litanies Remix of “I’ve Got A Future” is deep, expansive, intricate, and above all cinematic, but in a very minimalistic way. Toned down to a sprawling piano, as well as a bass and drum rhythm set much further back in the mix, Mojib allows Gavin Clark’s moody voice to dominate the track, creating a somber and nostalgic atmosphere. Over a subtle plodding beat, the pianos and synths weave their way across one another, shifting and brushing up against the edges of the lyrics.

Taken as a whole, the Two Litanies Remix of “I’ve Got A Future” is a welcome step forward and a stunning affirmation of Mojib’s skill at producing atmospheric electronic music. On first listen the single reveals it to be a triumph of mood and atmosphere, and a work that paints a deeply realized portrait of melancholia, though not without a dose of hope and beauty.

Remixing a classic song such as this seems like it would be a daunting task for most. The pressure is high, the fans are brooding in wait, and it would seem like no matter what you put out, there’s no way you can top what has already been done by the original.

Yet Mojib has fearlessly tackled this project giving “I’ve Got A Future” his own personal interpretation without losing the intrinsic qualities of the original. In a way, and with all due respects, Mojib has met up to the expectations that were first set by the classic Toydrum original, and he has even surpassed other remixed versions of the song in the process.

Laced in the framework of this track is a warm and subtle listening experience. Listeners should approach the track with an open mind as what to expect from listening; some will find this song soothing and remorseful, and others will find it haunting and subtly spiritual.

Whatever the case, most will come to agree that Mojib’s remix is an outstanding release that stands up to anything else on the “My Eye On You” compilation. In truth, it can even become a classic itself, in its own understated and haunting way. All proceeds from Mojib’s track will go to Gavin Clark’s family.


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