VerseBorn: “Chairman of the Board” a spitter that doesn’t sacrifice lyrical bite!

Californian emcee and KonQuestNow affiliate, VerseBorn has been knocking down the walls of Hip Hop with a machine gun flow, breathing incendiary rounds of lyrical power. Now what’s a rapper to do, when they’ve come to master their flow and lyricism, when they’ve sparred with the best emcees and come out toughened by fire? For VerseBorn the answer is to turn his razor-sharp pencil onto any topic that intrigues his psyche.

There’s a rather recurrent stigma in rapping where if you’re to tell a story, you have to sacrifice some lyricism for the sake of clarity. Paying no mind to that assumption, VerseBorn balances lyricism and narration straight out the gate with his brand new single “Chairman of the Board”.

There’s nothing lost on the recording. VerseBorn comes through with passion on every verse, taking steps outside of his comfort zone as a spitter without sacrificing any lyrical bite. The track shows his ability to tear through a rattling off-kilter beat without missing a step or altering the melody.

While “Chairman of the Board” has an overall vibe and big chorus which is thoroughly enjoyable, with an artist like VerseBorn, I was more excited to sit down and listen closely to the bars he dropped on the single.

The most impressive thing about “Chairman of the Board”, is VerseBorn undeclared insistence on not being pegged as a particular type of emcee. True to the name of the single, he opens up the layers of his psyche which include the skills of a spitter, a story-teller, and a street emcee.

It’s a really an amazing single, and will give even hardcore VerseBorn fans a deeper look into the mind and skills of the San Francisco Bay Area rhyme-lord.

In an industry that loves to glorify false bravado, VerseBorn’s authenticity shines much brighter than your favorite rapper’s fool’s gold. VerseBorn’s passion — and overwhelming confidence — is the rocket fuel for most of his releases, and is again repeated on “Chairman of the Board”.

VerseBorn is always at his best when he uses his wicked wordplay to impart wisdom. This track isn’t fancy but it’s forceful, the type of song any authentic wordsmith would love to have on his resume.


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