JayDon Omega: “TRIPPPIN” – a track with sinuous vigor!

JayDon Omega came up in the projects of Los Angeles, but soon enough found himself in the San Fernando Valley. Inspired by his new surroundings, he stumbled upon Spoken Word which eventually led him to hip hop. Today he’s taken all of that and made a name for himself locally and has grabbed some attention on a national level having performed in Las Vegas and at SXSW on diverse occasions. Omega’s latest release is the single, “TRIPPPIN”.  It’s impossible to talk about anything JayDon Omega does without talking about his own voice, which is the most compelling element on “TRIPPPIN”.

JayDon Omega voice is an elastic, supple, but taut thing that can waver between persuasive whisper and heated growl. He raps like a singer, skipping across each word like the bouncing dot in a karaoke video. The juxtaposition makes Omega’s choral bursts, malleable wordplay, and soft tongue clicks feel uniquely formal by comparison.

On “TRIPPPIN”, Omega proves he knows his way around the club, but his scope has expanded to what’s going on outside in the streets. Now we may not exactly be sure where it’s going to take him, but he sounds damn good getting there.

Featuring a brash, anchoring synth lead, a multi-tiered drum part tweaked to the point of no longer sounding like a loop, and plenty of sub-bass. JayDon Omega and whoever his trusted team of producers is have filled in all the cracks and crevasses in the song’s basic architecture, without stacking too many trimmings on top, allowing for Omega’s wordplay and flow to come through loud and clear.

JayDon Omega is one of the more intuitive underground songwriters working today, with a fluent blend of baroque and vernacular. And though he’s capable of more, he raps in cool staccato phrases, preferring to hammer a smooth track rather than smear himself on top of it. Those skills give this track sinuous vigor. It’s a lavish, unexpected gesture that works in capturing people’s attention.

Note: Any young or new artist looking to work, network, perform, studio time and/or do music period. Please contact JayDonOmega Inc. @ JAYDONOMEGA@GMAIL.COM or call him @ 818.646.9547.


2 thoughts on “JayDon Omega: “TRIPPPIN” – a track with sinuous vigor!

  1. Brother I’m so proud of you keep up the good work. As long as you keep God first everything else will fall in place. I love you…. Your big sis Toya

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