Earnest Williams: “A Man’s Perspective” – old school sensibility with a modern mindset

It takes a veteran of the present, one who’s been influenced by that luxurious past, to bring back some of that old school sensibility but maintain the swagger and modern mindset of today, a feat Earnest Williams, an American R&B singer, songwriter, producer, born and raised in Dallas, TX, accomplishes with his latest EP,   “A Man’s Perspective”. The only surprising factor here is that Williams is no veteran, he is a new upcoming face on the scene, who just happens to sound like a veteran.

Raised with 3 brothers by a single mother, Earnest Williams’ gospel-edged croon is one that we’ll keep in steady rotation, since his catalog is authentic enough for his peers but tender enough for the ladies. Williams is an artist that deserves more praise and appreciation with his obvious talent. His soulful voice has that quality of realness, strength and down home talent that encompasses this entire EP. I actually hear a lot more soul here, than R&B, and that’s a damn good thing.

A master storyteller, Earnest Williams begins “A Man’s Perspective” with “Make Me Scream”, a fusion of slow-burning funk and modern R&B production techniques, with the singer/songwriter setting a scene of a young man veering toward the bedroom, as yells: “Make me scream baby.”

Showcasing his versatility, Williams is carefree and ready to enjoy some good loving on the whimsical “Give U What U Want” – “Now we’re alone, I’m gonna eat it up, eat it all night long.” Williams infuses depth and feeling into his lusty message, crafting an arrangement that makes the song a love affirmation against a simple but intense sound-bed of hand claps, a thumping bass and growling synths.

All throughout the EP, Earnest Williams continues to deliver his signature story-telling and imagery that is ultra-relatable to anyone at some point in their lives.  As a male fan of his music, I respect that he is a cogent voice articulating the male perspective of the expression of love, relationships, and romance; and “I’m Not Trippin” is no exception. This track is built on banging, club-ready, hip-hop beat, leaving just enough space for Williams to bleed his soulful croon onto.

Earnest Williams packages honest music. This is music that you listen to not because its Grammy nominated, a platinum seller, or because the singer is a fly guy and the new undisputed king of RnB, but because the lyrics and music touches you indelibly. This is what happens on “I’m All In” and “Feeling Kind Of Freaky”, with this last track sounding like the best of the bunch for me. Here Williams seems to put on an Al Green-styled voice and persona giving the track a classic vibe and groove that is hard to find in new music.

Both breezy and introspective, “A Man’s Perspective” takes a look at what women offer to the male world emotionally and physically, and how men should honor and receive those gifts, and give back in return. We can almost dial it back to the lush era of blue-light basement soul, and having one of the up-and-coming resonant voices in the game breaking it down can make that nostalgic trip much sweeter to cuddle and connect in.

“I was a child with big dreams of becoming a famous singer one day. I have a lot of passion to perform and have found comfort in music,” says Earnest Williams. “I would like to be remembered for my passion and music even after I am gone.” He might just be on his way to doing that.


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