Mudphlaps: “Laid Back Guys” offers real escapism!

Mudphlaps are a group of friends from Toronto, Canada. They have just released their second single, entitled “Laid Back Guys”. The track, produced, recorded and mixed in Chronic Beat’s basement, features Uncle Huel on the first verse, followed by Chronic Beats on the hook. Then verse 2 is executed by Big Hoss, while Trilla delivers verse 3. Chronic Beats also handles the bridge before closing with the hook. This is your classic chilling track that discusses the satisfaction of our vices – be that drinking, smoking or girls – with a little morality thrown in just for good measure: “I like my girls curvy, looking fine, all the time / even when the sun don’t shine, / high class sippin’ wine she be buying, / but for now sorry girls there’s just one on my mind, / all up in my thoughts, got me hypnotized,  / yeah that’s my chick, she the shit.”

This track is gleefully maverick, weaving in and around the boundaries of hip-hop; its musical bars are packed with interesting, experimental production trickery. Governed by its unpredictable twists and turns, “Laid Back Guys” free-falls through its playtime, as almost every verse brings something new to the table. From start to finish, the track offers real escapism and can be genuinely immersive in its laid back way. Depending on your personal taste, this release may not impact immediately – it takes a few listens to be fully baptized within Mudphlaps cool vision.

Without the track itself sounding overdone or trying too hard, a common trait in the mainstream as everyone vies for the charts, Mudphlaps have no trouble staying true to their alternative musical standpoint on the recording. Admittedly, his offhand, conversational hip-hop bars are actually witty and inspiring, without being overly complicated or cryptically coded.

Beatmaker Chronic Beats steps into making an alt-pop grower, which feels as meditative, as the song’s spaciousness is appealing. The rappers all sound particularly wholehearted and reflective while dropping lines on the tune.

There are several music icons who today’s chart acts tend to consciously and unconsciously reference when making songs about their grind, lovemaking, partying or chilling with a couple of joints. Refreshingly, Mudphlaps don’t bother imitating any of them on “Laid Back Guys”, exploring these themes in their own way.

The track manages to channel the sense of intimacy it clearly wants to. Over the cut’s robust, steady alt-electro bounce, the crew’s airy, soft processed vocals are spread across the tune’s stereo field in an especially alluring way.


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