Harmony Drive: “Be There” – transcendental pop!

Music changes us, it changes the way we interact with people, it changes the way we love life, it repairs emotional damages, it establishes friendships, it unites people that are continually getting pushed apart by the powers that be, it makes us feel refreshed and excited, like the phrase “When she tells me I am beautiful,” it lets a door open that’s been closed for way too long. When I listen to the Norwegian band, Harmony Drive, and especially their latest single “Be There”, everything old is new again.

It’s the kind of song that will allow you to open up and say something from the heart that is deeply meaningful. And if you, like many other fans, express yourself through music, then Harmony Drive will help tear down the walls of emotional restraint by saying many of the things you’d like to say in your personal relationship.

Harmony Drive dishes out simple smooth acoustic guitar driven pop on this track.  The chord progressions, bridge transitions, and dynamics of blending in core phrasing of catchy hooks and rich luscious vocal harmonies, are written with such amazing finesse that the music is simply transcendental.

This band is incredible. Their fusion of electric with acoustic elements and a modern Brit pop blended with 60’s psychedelic melodies make it must listen. The songwriting is extremely strong, and the melody is so addictive that you’ll find yourself singing it all day in the car, the elevator ride to your office, at your desk, and in the shower.

“Be There” is indie pop bliss. I normally prefer music that’s a bit heavier or which has a decent amount of overdriven guitar, yet this track captured my senses. What I most like about the track, over and above the obvious melody, is that it is constantly entertaining.

From the lyrics to the expansive acoustic guitar and driving bass, you will not be bored at any point during the process. Turn it on in any situation, and your mood will be instantly improved. And as if that’s not enough, Harmony Drive also surround themselves with a quality production crew and collaborators – essential in producing an all-round first rate creation.

Lars Erik Schjerpen (vocals/piano/guitar), Andre Myhren (guitar) and Vidar Braun (bass/backing vocals) recorded “Be There” in Denver, Colorado, with help from producer duo by Glenn Sawyer & Rich Veltrop (Tom Petty, Ozzy Osbourne, Macy Gray), and Dave Elitch (Mars Volta, Killer be killed) on drums.

The package was completed with a spectacular music video shot between Norway and the Philippines, starring the multi-talented supermodel and TV host Mona Lisa Neuboeck. Harmony Drive is a band that clearly knows their stuff in every aspect of their artistic expression. A rare gift in the independent sector!


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