“Alms For The Blind” sees Wivadee hitting hard!

Wivadee is a rapper from London, who has been doing music since his early teens but only recently went solo and attempted to create his new style of music, which is an amalgamation of hip-hop, rock, rap, pop and just about anything else that fits. Unfortunately Wivadee is registered as blind, but this has not stopped him from writing all the music and lyrics as well as mixing the compositions together. Wivadee sees music as a means to push a positive message that you can do anything you set your mind to. His latest release is the 8 track album entitled “Alms For The Blind”.

It may seem like a long shot. But with the economy in shambles, the presidential election which hinged on metaphors about lipstick and pussy, and people angrier than they have been in decades, maybe what the world needs now is more people like Wivadee.

He is counting on it, as he hits hard with political, social and intellectual issues that will make you think. He has clearly had enough of the passive political society that most of the Western world has become and is making a demand that we each do something with the ‘stone’ that’s in our hands.

He launches warnings straight from track one “Paranoid” – “this is the warning of a dawning of a new age, surrounded by dead bodies and graves…” When Wivadee sings about the miseries of life, it is easily to believe that he has been there. Hence he is a rapper that will acquire a rabid fan-base in the underground rap scene that will froth at the mouth as they eagerly deliver his socially-charged messages whenever the words “hip-hop” come up in conversation.

His controversial messages attack, criticize and accuse any form of immoral practices perpetrated by discriminating collectives in modern society – be it simple economic, cultural, religious or intellectual discrimination, where ‘big brother’ inhibits the masses from self-expression and free thought.

These messages abound in varying guises in standout tracks such as, “Wivaflow”, “Strange Things”, “The Freedom Of The Dream” and the single “Have A Word With Yourself”.

Throughout these tracks you will hear tons of anthemic and melodic choruses, crunchy overdriven guitars, dissonant noises and hard hitting beats, as Wivadee punctuates his flows with soundscapes that emphasize what he is trying to say. Wivadee is a truly interesting artist.

The conditions in which he conceived the lyrics for this album obviously had a profound impact on the MC’s style. Listening through these 8 tracks it is clear the he will become notorious for his raw and aggressive delivery, his in-your-face flow and of course the conspiracy theorist tendencies ever present in his songs.

With the right promotion and a bit of luck, “Alms For The Blind” will secure Wivadee a massive following in underground hip-hop; the subject matter is varied and heavy, the beats are solid and together the music is exquisite. It’s also important to take into account the conspiracies and other unusual subjects Wivadee spits about – they truly make the music what it is.


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