Jaliet Caprana: “Reap What You Sow” ft. Lil Whyte hands out a warning!

Born Nicholas David Joseph Ahamnos but better known by his stage name, Jaliet Caprana is an American Hip Hop Recording artist from Chicago Illinois. He has just released a song entitled “Reap What You Sow” ft. Lil Whyte, while Caprana is working on a collaboration full length album produced by Ricky Casolaro, which will be titled Jaliet Caprana “Beats N The Beast” Collab. The release date is set for early 2018. Apart from his impressive delivery, much of the appeal in Jaliet Caprana’s music is in the lyrics themselves. Sure, they‘re often over-the-top or cocky, but they‘re also glittered with humor and hard not to enjoy. This track has some brilliantly sarcastic dialogue where he essentially gives the middle finger to haters and warns them about ‘reaping what they sow’.

The song is adrenalin loaded, and manages to capture what seems like an effortless performances by Caprana and Whyte as they use clever lyricism to spit fire at all enemies. I find it intriguing that despite his dark sense of irony Caprana still manages to sneak in a number of surprisingly impacting verses into his songs.

Thankfully, “Reap What You Sow” is no different and takes the cake as one of his most poignant and hard-hitting tracks available release.

Jaliet Caprana’s songs are also often a reminder that he is human after all and that behind his tough guy persona he’s more than capable of injecting deep meaning into his music. So while on “Reap What You Sow” he is handing out a number of high-handed warnings to friends and foe, at the same time he is reminding himself of those very same rules and applies it to his daily grind.

It turns out to be a highly engaging listen that’s boosted by an energetic guest performance and some high-end production from the likes of Ricky Casolaro, making it a good choice for anybody who enjoys his music or hip-hop in general.

And if you’ve come here for the lightning deliveries, you will be obliged. Within the duration of this track Jaliet Caprana shows off his vocal acrobatics. His rapid fire flow mixes well with the slower passages too, as Caprana’s average speed verses are just as impressive as his blazingly fast sections.

When he gets into one of his speedy verses you might find yourself missing a lot of what he said, that’s how fast he is. It would be easy to compare him to other rappers that use this style like Twista or Brotha Lynch Hung, but he is not trying to be any those guys, as he forges forward carving his own lane in the underground lane.


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