OnPlanetZu: “When I Become Famous” brings back the golden era!

The forte of OnPlanetZu’s music is, and has always been, the crossover creativity, as he moved from hip-hop to rock and dubstep, and every other style in-between. Never afraid to experiment with sounds OnPlanetZu also adds the element of truth in his lyrics; his message. While other rappers struggle to come up with coherent and non-contradictory messages, this L.A. artist comes off as knowledgeable rather than pretentious. He also has flowing to a beat down to a science. While progressively adopting a faster paced and more lyrically complex style throughout his career, he has never strayed away from the original point of his music: to spread valuable knowledge while challenging and stretching the genre boundaries.

For all its craziness “When I Become Famous” is another educational exercise and musically incredible. You may think this is hyperbolic but it’s not, using street poetry can be the most effective way to make a point, and OnPlanetZu has mastered this technique.

On “When I Become Famous” he secretly examines the current state and purpose of rap music – the history and original style of hip hop and much more. The main theme is to never give up and always fight for what you know is right to get where you want to go.

OnPlanetZu has lived this theme and makes the track unbelievably interesting using his full template of lyrical skills combined with his knowledge of old-school rap. And here’s the crux of the matter. “When I Become Famous” sounds like a classic unheard track that jumped out of the 90’s golden era of hip-hop.

What exactly was hip-hop in the golden era? Well in the words of who was there it’s a religion and I suppose that’s the truth. To a lot of people it was a way of life, they ate, drank and breathed the stuff. Like any religion, hip-hop is sacred to its followers and it deserves to be respected. But look at it nowadays.

There’s so much commercialized rubbish in the industry which is making it pretty hard to respect. Young rappers are only looking for money, ‘bitches’ and fame. They glorify destructive lifestyles which ironically is what most hip-hop artists were originally trying to escape from.

OnPlanetZu takes us back to the time when hip-hop was a religion with “When I Become Famous”. His intense, high energy delivery and the snare-smashing soundscape lets loose across the board on this track, relentlessly driving home OnPlanetZu’s message of hip-hop revival, trying valiantly to shed some light on what hip-hop is truly about. There isn’t one verse on the single that doesn’t sound like it came straight from his soul, and what follows it is one hell of a recording!


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