Edward Mena: “Amor Absoluto: Medley Tributo a Julio Iglesias” is flawless!

“Amor Absoluto: Medley Tributo a Julio Iglesias” is a single by award winning Venezuelan singer Edward Mena, paying tribute to the hits of the legendary Spanish singer. The song was produced by 16 Time Grammy Winner, Humberto Gatica. Mena moved to the USA with his family at the age of 10 where he discovered his talent and began studying and singing professionally at the age of 17. During his career, Mena has performed his own shows and as special guest with success in cities such as Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C and Mexico City, being able to share the stage with famous Latin performers such as Tania Libertad, Paloma San Basilio, Luis Enrique and Pastora Soler, among many others.

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Though released in 2017, “Amor Absoluto: Medley Tributo a Julio Iglesias” has already won “Platinum Disc” at the 37th Festival de la Cancion de California (Latin American Song Festival of California) at the National Final in the USA, Best Cover Song and Best Music Video at the Akademia Music Awards in LA, “Bronze Medal” as Male Vocalist at the Global Music Awards and most recently, “Silver Trophy” at the Viva La Musica International Song Festival in Spain.  Edward Mena has also been given a Proclamation by the City of Miami, where he lives, where Mayor Tomas Regalado, honored his achievements and contributions to the local artistic scene.

Edward Mena is oozing with talent thanks to his signature deep velvety voice and sultry inspired vibes. And I have no doubt in my mind that Julio Iglesias would be proud to hear Mena’s latest release. “Amor Absoluto: Medley Tributo a Julio Iglesias” explores new Latin pop territory with little concessions made for easy listening but with compelling results nevertheless; it’s hard not to pay attention to Mena’s impressively powerful vocals, his emotion, and the very distinctive way in which he incorporates own personal suave nuances into mainstream pop.

Edward Mena and Humberto Gatica
Edward Mena and Humberto Gatica

Edward Mena sings his words with much passion and spirit, and the music is beautiful. It is clear to me why he has won so many awards. My congratulations to him; the heart and soul that comes through in the music and words on this single transcends any language barrier. I have been listening to Spanish music for a couple of years now, trying to pick up bits and pieces of the language with minimal effort on my part. I have the standard Julio Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Alejandro Sanz and Ricardo Arjona albums, but Edward Mena brings something new with his vocal interpretation, even though I can only catch the meaning of a phrase here and there.

I can feel the poetry and emotion in Mena’s performances, just as much as they are evident in Iglesias’ work, and I am completely in awe of his voice. The romance and passion that Iglesias brings with his music is unparalleled. You feel your hips sway and your head tip back as his enchanting voice takes you away. Edward Mena’s approach and interpretation of these songs are different but his an extraordinary ability to phrase a song, stands on the same solid ground, as he exhibits flawless technique and complete emotional involvement.


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