Dhanya: “Fire” – a well-constructed, effective single

Singer-songwriter, Dhanya is known throughout the yoga and conscious music scene for her collaborations with Mayapuris, Gaura Vani, Jai Uttal and other kirtan artists. Every year, a fresh and invigorating group of female artists rightfully make their way onto the scene, working hard and fighting to shake things up for those who are always sitting too comfortably on the top of the charts. Far from your typical pop belle. Shockingly gorgeous, vocally ferocious and dramatically fierce, she does dominates and smolders on her single, “Fire”, the first track off her upcoming, self-titled debut album, set to release Fall 2017.

Dhanya’s soulful, full-range vocals, quickly take the spotlight, supported by layered production that stays true to the intriguing style she’s created for herself. With all the elements of a traditional power ballad, the artist keeps things interesting with some sass in her vocal performance that fit in perfectly with a melded crossover of Pop genres.

On this catchy yet ethereal number that builds in depth with each subsequent verse, Dhanya’s powerfully nuanced vocals and the personal and uplifting lyrical content take center stage.

Production is kept both edgy and luscious on this emotional effort, with the artist’s shining vocals at the forefront of richly thick harmonies. It’s great to hear Dhanya excel when accompanied by ever-building orchestration and a steady beat, and she seems to hit new and exciting heights when she lets her powerhouse performance do all of the talking in this beautifully yet haunting track.

With her apparent confidence and at the forefront of her attention-grabbing persona, Dhanya lays her intentions out for all to see. She’s completely in charge. For a little while there pop music started to become repetitive and uninventive but recently some newcomers are trying to change the game. Dhanya is definitely at the top of the line.

“Fire” is a well-constructed, effective single that gives a complete sense of who Dhanya is as an artist. The songstress perfectly sums up her unique sound as the track effortlessly glides over the inspiring soundscape which she boldly dominates from start to end.

However, just when you think you’ve gotten the full sense of Dhanya, she surprises with a tender, vulnerable, more accessible side. The artist’s vocal performance is consistent and controlled throughout the song, while her songwriting allows listeners to peek a little deeper into her wandering mind and spirit. “Fire” paints a bright, promising picture of the talents possessed by Dhanya.


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