I, Symptom: “Miles Above the Baseline” – A sweeping electronic panorama

Music as boundless and overwhelming as “Miles Above the Baseline” needs a dominant focal point, which I, Symptom has. Flexing unwieldy synth lines, murderous drum manipulations and squalls of interference, the track somehow maintains a steadily ascendant trajectory no matter how belligerent it gets. Somewhere between ‘outside the box’ and ‘pushing the envelope’, I, Symptom’s sound oscillates freely between guitar oriented arrangements and synth driven soundscapes and whatever other hybrid sounds his mind wishes. On “Miles Above the Baseline” the artist sticks to the electronic side of the equation.

The central key is that, rather surprisingly, “Miles Above the Baseline” is one of the more purely enjoyable electronic music records released in a terribly long time; vital by all means, but even more so considering the source.

It’s proficient without a hint of slightness, melodic with a fair bit of sonic chaos, inventive, inviting and plain old mind-fucking trippy. It is the sound of I, Symptom the extraterrestrial producer, and I, Symptom, the psychoanalyst lyricist, landing in a sweet spot together after years of full-blooded battles between the two.

The result is an ethereal trip through the mind. I, Symptom gallivants through the track with authority, like a bonafide traveler traipsing around his sound-world as if standing in front of a spinning globe, eyes crinkled with concentration, ready to go wherever his pointed finger lands.

Miles Above the Baseline” suctions you in through the electronic wires as the music develops steadily, unafraid to linger on a specific nuance for as long as necessary to entrance you. As the pace creeps across the keyboards with a throbbing pulse, it wraps itself around the stunningly otherworldly backdrop. As the track moves ahead I, Symptom gets more expansive, creating a mix of sweeping electronic panoramas and insistently melodic vocals.

In the world of electronic music you have to be ever-changing as an artist. It’s a genre of music that beckons for you to pour every little inkling of creativeness you have in your body into a pot and to stir vigorously. And that is what I, Symptom aims to achieve on this track which has a tortured soul and a driving conviction that carries the listener all the way through it.

It also possesses incredible dramatic tension over the course of its duration. Resulting in a pleading, honestly very beautiful melody that gradually fades into nothingness of space. “Miles Above the Baseline” is an incredible ear and mind mashing extravaganza, for those who are able to tune into I, Symptom’s otherworldly signal.


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