Leo Salom: “Back To Life” soothes, rides, vibes and it floats!

Music artist and record producer, Leo Salom, is also the founder of the Italian label, Regolare Records. Leo started out with an interest in drumming and percussion before honing his skills towards the electronic music scene. His musical tones veer towards the deep and tropical house flavors with a jazzy twist. His latest release “Back To Life” is proof that just a little bit of tropical house flavor goes a long way. Some songs just make you want to drop kick your computer monitor, call up your girl and book it to the nearest vacation town for a weekend of wild antics. This is one of them.

Leo Salom gives “Back To Life” some thump and bump and the results are refreshingly cool. This could be described as feel good house. These are the sounds you can’t help but sink into a happy state to, whether it be chill, tropical or melodic it’s all here to get you grinning and spinning. The funky piano chops, the saxophone interludes, and the sensuous, smoky female vocals drive you into a state of bliss.

To paint a picture for you Leo Salom’s music is full of airy, upbeat, bouncy vibes that make you want to throw on a backpack and hike alongside the beach with the sun rising in the background. The production is jaw-dropping, literally.

Class can often be lost in electronic music but Salom brings a nostalgic and fly sense to this dance floor melter that I have not been able to shake. The perfectly executed balancing act between smooth vocals, a fluid instrumental and a euphoric atmosphere.

“Back To Life” is the kind of track that you’d actually want to be listening to if you were sitting in that perfect Shangri-La paradise, with a too hot for your own good beauty by your side. The song soothes, it rides, it vibes and it floats.

In EDM’s relentless peak-time rush, several European dance hits reflect a growing appetite for melodic house, deep house or Tropical house favored tracks, that flaunt bits of hazy synths, clean guitars, electric pianos and saxophone riffs.

Leo Salom has captured a slice of this goodness and just made it warmer, cozier and even more ear friendly. It’s a catchy and nostalgic track that will grow on you with each listen and have you wanting to push replay instantaneously…each time.



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