A:M stays true to the essence of what make his music so likeable

Nothing else like this. I have listened to other artists similar to A:M but nothing comes close. The album “A:M Instrumentals” and the EP “A:M Instrumentals Vol. 1” are excellent electronic recordings from A:M. Rich pianos, dreamy landscapes, vocal samples and syrupy basslines make these records a must have for anyone who appreciates chillwave, ambient, or even triphop, with a jazzy and soulful twist. The music has a subtle, dark undercurrent across most of its tracks. As is the A:M tradition, listening to the recordings, the songs are not really danceable, yet nor are they calm enough to be meditative. Instead they have a contemplative mood, forcing us to ponder all things we meet along the way in life.

By avoiding instantaneous explosions of fake euphoria in his songs, and offering instead an organic-sounding buildup, A:M stays true to the essence of what make his music so likeable. “Tripping on Sunshine”, the lead track on “A:M Instrumentals” is a prime example of his hypnotic piano and percussion driven soundscapes, garnished with repetitive vocal samples that draw you in.

Elsewhere on the album, the UK producer shows he has a keen eye for detail – every drum pattern, instrumental lead or sampled sound is tweaked to aural perfection – and the man knows how to actually distill soul into his tracks. It’s those two feats that set A:M above the already fierce competition.

“A:M Instrumentals” is a snapshot of A:M’s continuing journey, it’s both very forward thinking and staying true to tradition; restless but comfortable, lighthearted and deep. And it’s quite possibly the most eclectic thing released all year.

Apart, of course from “A:M Instrumentals Vol. 1”, the other A:M 2017 release. The EP’s lead track, “2gether”, is another example of the piano smoothness and soulful undercurrents buried deep in A:M’s songs.

The understated vocals used in much A:M’s music, compliments the smooth, rhythmically driven instrumentals well, and gently add a focal point to the music without compromising the laid back atmosphere which is A:M’s signature sound.

The basis of much of A:M’s composition relies on the steady piano buildup and breakdown of his tracks starting with one or two samples and gradually incorporating layer after layer until the full intricacy of the track is realized.

The tracks expand gradually until everything comes into clear focus. These transitions create subtle, but really quite beautiful musical moments, and there are several ready to creep up on you as you make your way through the music.

A:M’s sound is decidedly characterized by extensive use of sampling, and the fairly intricate vocal and percussion sections, as the music consistently makes shifts between bold statements and quiet reflection. Both, the album “A:M Instrumentals”, and the EP “A:M Instrumentals Vol. 1”,  is the result of a myriad of sounds, textures and techniques most of which are strung together expertly and imaginatively by A:M.

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