Lacy Younger: “For The Record” will have hairs rising and spines tingling!

Lacy Younger is a unique artist with an amazing, soulful voice and uncanny ability to communicate through music. Her songs are meaningful, and her talent, voice and songwriting all come together on her songs, regardless of tempo or feel. In this day and age of downloading single tracks by artists, the art of sequencing an album for maximum emotional impact is fast becoming a lost art and it will not be long until an entire generation will have been denied that delicious roller-coaster of feeling that only being inescapably strapped into the listening experience for the entire journey through an artist’s well sequenced path of songs can bring. So it is imperative that an artist can be articulate and engaging within the space of a few minutes.

Lacy Younger is one singer-songwriter who certainly knows how to convey powerful feelings through music, and she has mastered the knack of doing it all around four minutes or so. Her latest single “For The Record”, is living proof of that feat.

Here she offers up one of the most thrillingly evocative female mainstream-rock vocal performances in recent memory. The impeccably played music pulses with Lacy’s vocal power, as she presents us with a stylistic bag of tricks that establishes a consistent mood and feel.

Starting from the smoldering opening guitar chords on “For The Record”, Lacy does what she does best – she totally inhabits the narrative of her songs and makes you believe – and feel – every word. She delivers a track of such uncompromising honesty and emotional detail that it’s even more astonishing a statement for the fundamental optimism heard in the music.

Lacy Younger is one of a handful of singers who can lay bare intimate emotion without making a listener feel like an eavesdropper for having heard it. At her most intense, she will have hairs rising and spines tingling.

Lacy’s band skillfully manages the task of keeping perfect pace with her, while the musical arrangement on “For The Record” also matches her sense of fearlessness. A touring veteran, Younger has been recognized as an accomplished songwriter by being a California CMA nominee, a 2 time San Diego Music Awards nominee; album of the year and singer/songwriter of the year, L.A. Music Awards nominee, an HMMA nominee, as well as a Jim Beam Intl Songwriter winner and more. If you are yet to discover Lacy Younger’s amazing voice, “For The Record” is an excellent entry point from which to start exploring her catalog.


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