Deltiimo: “Look to the Stars” – the full taste of an EDM anthem!

There’s nothing wrong with catering to an audience, especially when you have to mirror the energy of your sound with the size of the shows the songs need to be playing at. Every new release is a chance for an act to showcase their range in production. With UK dance music veteran Gary Louca and his project Deltiimo already having crushed it with the singles leading up to this release, it nice to hear him exploring all the dynamic set of styles, moods, and sonic landscapes that makes EDM what it is today. We get a full taste of this in the anthem “Look to the Stars”, which flirts with all the bells and whistles necessary to set any dance floor on fire.  Gary Louca worked on the single project with Bradon Grobler from Holland, while the track also features the stunning vocals of Lisa.

Some may say that the Portsmouth UK founded musical production genius known as Deltiimo is the next big music sensation when it comes to the Electronic Dance genre. But Deltiimo is no stranger to this industry having been around the block a few times, and having created a plethora of underground EDM hits.

“Look to the Stars”, riding closely on the coattails of its successful predecessor, “Now Sing Out Loud”, went straight to Number 1 on Kings Of Spins on the very first day of release, as well as being listed on Sparemix, one of Canada biggest lists.

Unlike the majority of EDM releases bombarded by candy-coated house that feels like generically orchestrated intergalactic space jumps, Deltiimo’s tracks have smooth silky touches that doesn’t feel recycled.

“Look to the Stars” kills with its lush vocals and thumping bass – blending with energetic synths for a warmly emotive track that almost feels serene at the same time. This feeling is immensely perceivable throughout the track. Conjuring up a record that isn’t mind-numbing for the most part, but rather emotional and a blast to listen to.

 Deltiimo’s latest effort is a melodic, and smoothly soulful track, soaring through myths, clouds and star-filled skies. While summer is behind us, it still reminds us of a classic summer festival soundtrack filled with plenty of hooks.

“Look to the Stars” is the umpteenth piece of concrete proof that Deltiimo has the material and creative mind to make music in an extremely distinctive way. A force to be reckoned with in the years past, and still to come, in the Electronic Dance world.

With creamy, colorful synth lines smacking upon each other and pulsating bass crashing in various parts during its course. The catchy lyricism is destined to be unsurprisingly stuck in the minds of listeners for months to come.

This is the kind of material that should drive Deltiimo away from the bubbling stratosphere of EDM artists and into the exclusive club of elite EDM producers excelling today – even if this doesn’t break into the mainstream like some have done. Deltiimo is certainly one of 2017’s best EDM discoveries for us!


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