SLICKSLICK is the producer, songwriter and member of group PATTYSBOYS. He has a 10 track beats album out, entitled “SHE WANT ALL THE FAME”.  Instrumental hip-hop has always been a fascination, leaving out any sort of vocal collaboration – solely leaving the producer to his task of conjuring up a beat fitting with the atmospheric tone that he desires to express. This is the cream of the crop for hip-hop, for the true hip-hop fan, for the numerous dreamers aspiring to make it in the industry as rappers to pen up something worthy of the beat. Instrumental hip-hop is where hip-hop has been consistently on-point, never really seeing a decline or step back in its long tenure – on the contrary it has been making giant steps forward.

If you want to talk about who is high-caliber specifically in the underground field of hip-hop, look to none other than SLICKSLICK. Capturing grimy, polarizing atmospheres in utter, encapsulating detail or forging woofer-busting bass rumbles, alongside airy, shimmering synths is a task for eclectic creatives.

In his latest adventure, SLICKSLICK touches the cool, of jazz fusion on “World Jazz” giving it a resonating boost in intensity, moving onto “Mistakes Is My Mission” forging industrial sounds that squeal, croak and growl. In between, he finds time knock up an eerie piano and bass motif with “Add Up”, though not before conjuring up a funky synth groove on “Never Get My Love”.

If it’s cinematic soul you’re after, then press play on “Fatty”, while “Crap Life” has a playful string melody, giving it an orchestral flavor. The album’s centerpiece is of course the percussive opening track aptly titled “1st Beat”. This is certainly a must-want for not just hip-hop fans in general, but for the dreamers who just want to express themselves with their lines.

The streets are once again brought back to life, thanks to the visually-encapsulating instrumentation delivered upon by, SLICKSLICK. If you’re looking for a laid-back collection of atmospheric beats ideal for late-night chilling or freestyling over — then you may be knocking at the wrong door here.

You need to approach “SHE WANT ALL THE FAME” on its own terms – as a radical work of sonic architecture. There’s hardly anything too ordinary here, as SLICKSLICK pairs off disparate instrumentation in mostly minimal futuristic beats. He is looking for a slightly more aggressive edge, and finds it most of the time.

The fact that he can pull something like that off, on for example, an otherwise melodic and rhythmic track like “For Everybody”, tshows the creative talent and musical ability of SLICKSLICK, and that he also isn’t afraid to try new and strange things.  If you want quality, left-field, hip-hop material, this is one that should be on your priority list. These are the type of sounds that will separate you from the pack.


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