G Boogiie: “I Am $oo Official” demands your full attention

G Boogiie, the CEO of the Monopoly Money Team has built a network of successful mentors. He has been featured multiple times on Coast To Coast mixtapes and Thisis50 blog, as well as GNation and Iamhiphop. The artist recently dropped his 28 track mega mixtape, entitled “I Am $oo Official”. What makes G Boogiie so captivating is the earnest, raw intensity he brings to every track. Whether he’s channeling his rage, discussing problems, or sharing insight into his virtues or vices, he keeps listeners deeply engaged with his wordplay.

Even when the lyrics are not all that complex, there is something about the intensity in his voice that demands your full attention. You vibe with G Boogiie even when you cannot relate to him, or don’t even agree with him. That’s a rare feat for any artist to pull off, and he’s done that with “I Am $oo Official”.

G Boogiie is not for everyone, of course, but that just proves that his focus is on building a rep in a certain realm of the industry while simultaneously promoting his culture over cashing in on any popular trends in urban music. It’s hard to tell what future holds for G Boogiie, but for the time being, what this mixtape establishes is that he will remain on the cusp of being as big as his talent says he should be.

“I Am $oo Official” is further proof he has the talent needed to be one of the biggest names in underground hip-hop. If he can find the ability within himself to channel the same intensity he put into this mixtape release into a string of singles throughout 2018, this year could very quickly become the year G Boogiie breaks through.

It takes roughly thirty seconds for G Boogiie to convince fans on the “Intro” track of “I Am $oo Official” that he’s a voice they could easily grow to love. It features surefooted delivery, as he throws out each syllable like it’s done something to him. And when “#LBP” kicks in, he shows that is able to make music that moves both asses and minds, which is a rare skill.

A more indicative look at G Boogiie’s potential lies within his off-kilter singles, NBA Jamz”, “Prince Charming” and “Touch Ya”. Here the emcee shows that he can break from the mold and throw down rhymes in an alternative and mesmeric voice. Additionally his true to life lyrics are sure to connect with his core audience.

All throughout the mixtape, G Boogiie hits you with a tsunami of bitches, dope, jewels, and money which actually does not stagnate any artistry because the dude can actually rap, and he is able to throw some serious talk about his daily struggles into the mix. “I Am $oo Official” comes packed with introspective tracks, as well as head-nodding and banging joints.

Apart from the aforementioned singles, tracks that impressed me include the back to back songs “Block Boii”, “Monopoly Money” and “Lebron James”. There’s something truly visceral about rapped verses delivered over a set of dominant piano chords.

This definitely sounds like the mixtape that will put him up there with the rest. If you haven’t heard it by now, make sure you check it out. And don’t forget to catch up with G Boogiie in Houston Texas on 3/29/18.


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