Capricanno: “Hi-T Sunrise” – ready to hit your radar with full force!

Capricanno released two mixtapes in 2017 and now he has dropped his 4 track EP “Hi-T Sunrise”. The artist and producer has made a reverse journey considering what most...

Capricanno released two mixtapes in 2017 and now he has dropped his 4 track EP “Hi-T Sunrise”. The artist and producer has made a reverse journey considering what most other artists are doing these day. He started in the realm of experimental electronic and has moved into hip-hop, while managing to hold on to his electronic roots. The production on his new recording exudes a fresh and futuristic electronic feeling but remains tangible and warm with help from plucking and growling bass sounds and bright, airy synth riffs. The emotive connection the songs create is sealed tight with the addition of Capricanno’s vocals.

Silky smooth and crystal clear, his voice brings the production together with pitch shift effects which solidifies the eclectic atmosphere. Throw in the surreal and explicit lyrics littered with sexual innuendo and you have the whole individualizing package. One thing is clear from the start, Capricanno is unlike anybody else.

Milwaukee electronic/hip-hop artist Capricanno, first caught our attention last year while listening to his brilliant and profound mixtape entitled “Deep Thoughts Fade”. Sexually aroused and erotically brooding as “Hi-T Sunrise” is, Capricanno’s production keeps it from feeling too troubled. The synths and chorus are playful and the vocal effects hypnotically calming, creating a pensive and beautiful air.

As listeners, we find ourselves immersed in Capricanno’s world once again, as he shares a twisted sexual journey of both psychological exploration and probing vulnerability. Finding his place on the scene with a distinct sound within electronic and hip-hop music, and wildly refreshing creativity, Capricanno is ready to hit your radar with full force.

Especially when he hits you with the question: “Would you rather fuck a porn star?” on the track “A Pornstar”. Not of course before he’s told you; “All I really want is a million bitches,” on “Disney Villian”. In between Capricanno also delivers “ass on the menu, tits on the menu, mouth on the menu, all parts are on the menu” in “Like Marilyn Monroe”.

The most interesting track on the EP for me, is the closer “Time Keeps Going”. Built on a simple metronome beat and layered vocal harmonies, spiced with voice effects, the impact is simply mesmerizing on the ear. Capricanno is using music as a driver for inner light. The simple, atmospheric beats sparkle like slowly floating fireflies as the songs, lyrically, observe the trek to discover the light of the underworld locked within his and our minds.

“Hi-T Sunrise” is a showcase of Capricanno minimalistic instrumental side as well as his melodic intuitions as he experiments with chord progressions and melodies that we aren’t used to hearing from him, or any other for that matter. There are few greater examples of how music technology has shaped the modern music scene than Capricanno.

While other electronic-based acts, hip-hop or otherwise, dial in some glossy pop elements which make them entertaining for the mainstream, Capricanno shows no such inclination. He does not work to create a sheen of commercial radio fodder, but rather infuses his music with a darker, rawer edge that sits huddled underneath his arrangements, chomping at the bit, ready to break out.


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