Skaa: “Old Habits” – an alternative path for hip-hop

Astounding! Skaa has blessed us with a bunch of modern classics during the last few months. From the beats to the lyrical content his music is great. Not one track he has done thus far can be considered as a playlist filler. The man has many great qualities, his beat-making selection, flow, storytelling, and ability to simplify his communication yet never dumb down. But most of all Skaa is relatable and brings a strong message in his music. Creative, conscious and thoughtful flow. Seriously lyrically skilled. And a sound that blends old school soul and modern chillout to expert effect. Skaa’s music may be the best hip hop sounds I’ve heard in years. I’ve been running through the dude’s catalog of late and just got wind of a track called “Old Habits” which Skaa has now released as a visual on YouTube.

Skaa is one of the most ridiculously underrated underground artists of our time in terms of making rap music. Skilled with a pen as well as on the microphone, his work rate is incredible when you look at his musical output; not only just in terms of quantity but quality too. Beautifully produced by Cinebrivido, “Old Habits” sits perfectly in Skaa’s set.

A song full of understated energy with keyboard synths throughout, an incredible drum loop that makes you feel like you’re sitting next to the drummer with Skaa’s smooth rhymes explaining what defines his dreams, ambitions and his grind. The chorus on this song is something special; the drums and keys are supplemented by a perfectly placed bassline and just puts in a slow burning groove.

The words accompanied with the impeccable flow and the beat all come together for one great package. This is a song that is as dynamic and musical as I’ve come to expect from Skaa. He’s an artist that I know for his competent but no-frills flow and his silky smooth beats.

He also keeps adding interesting elements to his songs. Ironically, the more he adds, the more he is going in the exact opposite direction of the mainstream. Which is probably his biggest asset, as he is obviously trying to forge his own path in hip-hop that is separate from the hedonism and shallowness of the mainstream.

Skaa provides an alternative path for hip-hop to take that isn’t obstinately retro, but at the same time doesn’t pander to the worst leanings of the modern mainstream. He is building a career on being a committed an intelligent rapper who selects beats that build on tradition while continuing to move forward. Most importantly, Skaa makes good music that deals with real life issues, wisdom and humility.

All things considered there’s no question that this is one of Skaa’s best tracks to date. Skaa is pushing himself and constantly evolving. As result not only does the music itself become more refined, but as an artist his experiences are reflected in the new music he makes. “Old Habits” is definitely worth your hard-earned time and I’m confident you’ll love it on the first listen and in fact appreciate it even more as time goes on.


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