Kimara Lovelace & Soul Café: “I Love You More” – an immaculate soul ballad

“I Love You More” by Kimara Lovelace & Soul Café is an EP that contains 3 tracks  – a R&B Soul version, a Club Mix and a Soulful House...

“I Love You More” by Kimara Lovelace & Soul Café is an EP that contains 3 tracks  – a R&B Soul version, a Club Mix and a Soulful House Version of the song. The set was released on the 23rd of March 2018.  Island Def Jam Digital Distribution are also planning to record a music video for the releases soon. Though the world has just hopped on the Kimara Lovelace & Soul Café train, it has been on the tracks for quite a while.

Kimara Lovelace

As the song begins, you are immediately astounded by Kimara’s ability to nuance her tone. Her vocals are pure soul, and her tone is unlike any other artist you’ve heard. With impeccable timbre, she boasts her independence and strength in personality on this beautiful romantic song. This track is one that any woman who’s ever been in love can relate to.

“I Love You More”-  the R&B Soul Version – has a very crisp production that is paired with smooth, clean vocals, and warm horns, giving you a perfect blend of old and new soul. With simple and heartfelt lyrics, Kimara Lovelace’s elegant voice eases through the immaculate ballad.

The track is very easy on the ears and is free of any unnecessary modern effects.  It contains smooth key progressions, which are staples of the musical world that many modern R&B releases lack. Soul Café is clearly setting the tone for what today’s soul should sound like.

On “I Love You More”, you get to hear R&B music that is almost fantasy-like for the ears. Kimara’s strapping voice will jump out at you on every version of the song here, as she imposes her will over the different styles of music.

Soul Café

Overall, you get really good vibes as Kimara Lovelace & Soul Café take charge of your emotions responsibly. Some of the real gems of the so-called neo-soul era, have been those artists who’ve recorded projects for independent labels still below the radar of the tastemakers.

Throughout the track, the creative pair exhibit striking vocals, solid songwriting skills and crystalline production, suggesting Kimara Lovelace & Soul Café will be figures that will be heard from again and again in the future.

Kimara Lovelace is a female dance music vocalist from Somerville, New Jersey who placed three songs in the Top 10 of the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the late nineties. “Circles” spent a week at #1. That same year, Kimara performed vocals on the song “Ridge Racer -One More Win-” for the video game R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. Her follow-up single to “Circles” was “When Can Our Love Begin.

Soul Café is an artist producer from the Soul Candi Institute of Music (The Soul Candi Campus) under the wings of Crazy white boy. He has also performed classical music with the World Philharmonic Orchestra. Soul Café also appeared in the New York’s Finest Album.


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