MamaAfricaRecords Presents VANZO with his brand new single “NEWS”

Born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica in rural Sligoville, singjay  Devano McLean better known as VANZO , grew up in the city of Spanish Town where he...

Born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica in rural Sligoville, singjay  Devano McLean better known as VANZO , grew up in the city of Spanish Town where he has been nurturing his musical passion and showcasing his natural talent ever since childhood. A former student of Mount Moreland Primary and a graduate of Spanish Town High School, his journey took him to Bernard Lodge Sugar Factory as a Centrifugal Operator. However his calling is music; he decided to enter Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall 2017 and won 2nd place out of a million contestants who competed. Now VANZO is ready to go global with his brand new single, “NEWS”, produced by MamaAfrica and released via MamaAfricaRecords.

Listening to this track, built on a captivating SuSu Riddim instrumental, you would instantly say that VANZO is a Dancehall and Reggae artist, but if you pay close attention to his sound, and style you will soon realize he is an artist you can’t easily label. He is so musically inclined and so talented, his artistic flow oozes creativity, realness, and soul.

Through his music, you can feel his passion and love, telling his listeners that he takes his craft seriously. VANZO’s brand of rhythmically infectious Dancehall and Reggae fusion is a beautiful concoction to be enjoyed like a cheeky cocktail on a Saturday night.

VANZO is from the classic showbiz mold, an entertainer who thrives on perfection. His professionalism runs right from the top of his trademark spiky hairstyle to the heel of his brightly colored shoes. Strutting to the buzz of “NEWS” he whirs into life, his silky smooth delivery will cause any crowd to erupt like a human volcano. Something he has already proved week after week on Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall.

The grind of the sizzling beat bleeds into VANZO’s melodic tongue twisting – the ideal intersection of dancehall dirtiness and soaring pop catchiness, where radio smooth meets club groove. Barely a breath is lost in VANZO’s pinpoint vocal delivery. There are no hiccups or pause for thought, as his lyrical flow comes forth in a stream of consciousness.

The track breathes down-to-earth authenticity, while at the same time making for an airy, buoyant listening experience. Warm, rich and filled with light, “NEWS” combines perfectly balanced tempo, instrumentation, vocals and lyrical delivery with a hookline that has you smiling and nodding along in no time. The production on the track is remarkably polished.

The vibe is in-line with what you would expect from a contemporary Dancehall or Reggae cut, while the project also has a unique, glossy pop sheen. This song follows an innovative rhythmic pattern, so make sure you close your eyes and listen to the music behind VANZO’s commanding voice – the little sonic surprises in instrumentation and riddim construction are well worth your repeated attention.

Thus, “NEWS” is a release that highlights both the high-quality music issuing from MamaAfricaRecords and the extraordinary talents of VANZO, an artist that is ready to grow into an exciting, conscious and authentic ambassador of modern Dancehall and Reggae Fusion.


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