R.T.M.E. – “My Name” – Dance Groove and Neo Soul!

R.T.M.E. has dropped his first house single, entitled “My Name”. He’s been flirting with the edges of legendary Soul and R&B for years, but with this new single, the producer extends his creativity to wholeheartedly embrace the electronic elements of progressive house and neo electro-soul, turning in a track too melodious to be experimental but too bold for casual consumption.  In an act of moxie, R.T.M.E. places electronic effects on his trademark groove and the resonating female vocals. Here Ron Townsend uses all his star-power and musical daring in a way that fans won’t expect, for a cool dance floor motif that mixes old school vibes and modern, boundary-pushing flair.

Contrary to the beliefs of some of our artistically starved artists of the moment, Townsend knows how to infuse some of the sounds and production techniques from three decades, to make a fresh and convincingly sounding track. “My Name” delivers a clearly focused project vision. This is for fans looking for an artist known for his emotional depth, as well as cerebral arrangement, as well as warm, and undeniably creative in his execution.

If you also belong to the ‘why does soul not sound like it used to sound like’ armada, then you should be happy to hear, that Ron Townsend actually remembered those days, and takes us back on a trip on memory lane, all mixed into an upbeat neo-soul and house rhythm.

And you know what? Things sound lovely…and new. See, it can be done. Neo-soul can sound good. It can take on all modern influences, and still be organic, and reflect the love and respect the artist has for the music.

But what gives this song momentum more than anything else, is Ron Townsend’s unique sense of rhythm and melody. Integrating these dynamics into a signature organic groove tailor-made for the club and ready to be internationally endorsed by radios, DJs and fans alike.

The powerful, soulful voice lights up the dance jam that should translate to a club party sensation for 2018. The good news on “My Name” out on Liv’wire Records, is that R.T.M.E.  knows exactly who he is, offering his cool balancing act of dance, funk, soul, jazz and R&B for modern consumption.

What is there to say except that this project’s musical genius brilliantly and beautifully brings all these genres off into a wonderful blend of extraordinary musical melody and rhythm that moves the soul, the mind, and gives the listener a higher plane of listening pleasure to their senses. Ron Townsend takes you to a time and place where everything is smooth and in the groove!


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