J.Riddle: “My Heart Is Heavier Than The Rain” – a beautiful air of malice

J.Riddle (Aka. Jayden C. George) is a hip hop and urban music producer and rapper. Exposed to music via his bassist father, Robert George, J.Riddle started his music career...

J.Riddle (Aka. Jayden C. George) is a hip hop and urban music producer and rapper. Exposed to music via his bassist father, Robert George, J.Riddle started his music career from the age of 10, by simply rhyming or singing his slam poetry. A self-taught natural with 8 instruments and a capable voice, he started to shine much later when he was 14.  He made money by selling candies, cans of Cola and Sprite and even became the schools stoner in order to get his own home studio created.

Working hard to gain traction J.Riddle also has to face discrimination within the industry being a transgender. He says he is doing his best to also pass as a male by showing minimal to almost no physical signs of feminine identity. He is also a Fibromyalgia sufferer, and hence smokes medical cannabis to relieve him of what he describes as a “B*tch of a spasm party in my body.”

J.Riddle has released the teaser single “My Heart Is Heavier Than The Rain”. A teaser single taken off his debut Lo-Fi instrumental album “Pillow Forts & Jello Cups”.

Although for some reason I expected this recording to be filled with thundering mediocrity and predictable crescendos, I was instead treated to a track of meticulous craftsmanship, a lushly cultivated atmosphere, and surprisingly tasteful instrumentation. It gently throbs with the rosy-cheeked conviction and impassioned artistry of a blossoming new artist.

Punchy drums collide with twinkling that sparkle like a swarm of fireflies—the impact catalyzes a soul-wrenching experience. The strength of the song, however, isn’t J.Riddle’s pure output of mood-inducing sound, but rather the thoughtful presentation.

Though draped in melancholy, this track is open to interpretation and every listener is bound to hear something different. Some will find this album soothing and remorseful, and some will find it haunting and subtly evil, given the intro.

“My Heart Is Heavier Than The Rain” very quickly shows everyone the dreamy electronics with a sinister accent; chunks of nostalgia built from chiming keyboards. The track is immediately dark and succulent, conjuring a beautiful air of malice.

Imagine a sound that allows you to relive bursts of memory from your past. A soundscape able to generate hyper vivid dreams of real events that occurred during the innocence of your childhood.

Images are fragmented and sweep in and out of focus, faces appear shimmery and shadows are everywhere – J.Riddle knows that childhood is confusing, scary, and yes, sometimes painful. And as such this music remembers the pain of development and the fear of helplessness.

But what ties the piece together isn’t just creeping tension or menace, its curiosity. Like a puzzle that never gives up its answers, the music invites you to keep attempting to find a solution to its nostalgic sadness. In short, “My Heart Is Heavier Than The Rain” is epic in its depth and impact. It is alive. As you listen, it will grow on you, and in you… as long as you allow it to.


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