Jerry Collins: “18” – conscious storytelling and sweetly alluring melodies

Our moods are shaped by the music we listen to. Everyone should have an inspiring playlist they deploy specifically when they’re feeling glum, downtrodden, or even when they’re already...

Our moods are shaped by the music we listen to. Everyone should have an inspiring playlist they deploy specifically when they’re feeling glum, downtrodden, or even when they’re already in a great mood but need a little confirmation. Sometimes we need an emotional lift, other times we require spiritual guidance. It’s hardly easy to find all of those essential helpful elements on one recording. So you may have to seek out various albums from which you can lift specific songs that suit your needs. Unless of course you bump into Jerry Collins’ latest album release entitled “18”.  This is a one for all situation, as Lyricist Jerry covers every possible emotional and spiritual angle that most human souls hunger for. His songs are predominately gentle acoustic-driven anthems, recorded in collaboration with a number of singers and musicians.

As the title suggests, the album contains eighteen delightfully honest and unpretentious songs that will have you drooling for more. Everything is just so straightforward and relatable, avoiding much of today’s studio gimmicks and production gloss. Collins’ song rely more heavily on their conscious storytelling and sweetly alluring melodies.

The songs on this album’s playlist are begging to be blasted at full volume. They’re dying to be belted. In fact, one could argue that it’s necessary to listen to these songs so loud and sing them with all your heart. That way, all of their uplifting chords and inspirational lyrics make their way into your spirit.

From the moment the opening track, “Life by Life” sets in, you’ll be humming the choruses all day. A passionate ode to dedication and sacrifice – just try not to feel inspired by this song, we dare you. “Hold Your Hands Up” reminds people that they can rejoice in the fact that they belong together in an everlasting Kingdom.

Inspired by reading psalms 95-98 KJV, “Listen” is another song that sticks closely to the truths of the Gospel. “Rocky Mountain High” showcases a more fleshed-out production with rich harmonies, a catchy chorus, and an incisive drum beat.

Life requires confidence. There’s no trendy hack for faking it and no pill can substitute for it. You have to believe way down in your bones that, yes, you can be happy, feel fulfilled and succeed. Except for when you don’t, because some days you won’t. Some days you’ll trip, fall and fail. You won’t feel brave, strong and smart. But you cannot let the bad days overtake the good. So tune into “Following Wisdom” and “Arisen” which will give you the real measure of things.

Sometimes though, we need to step back and reflect on love, loss, faith and mortality, themes from which we can learn many of life’s lessons. And you will find wisdom and solace through the heartfelt emotion expressed in “Sometimes” and “Wings To Fly”, two of the best songs Jerry Collins has ever written.

But Jerry is also a more competent writer when it comes to uncovering the joys of romantic love. Something he does with comfort on “In Her Heart” and with a pinch of irony on “Human Nature”, which compares animal love to human love.

“No Flag” again looks at the theme of supreme sacrifice in serving others. In this case the life of soldier. “Summer Waves” shows off a sprawling arrangement and a feel-good vibe which is hard to resist. This is another album standout.

“Released” presents another unabashed spiritual outing before the album moves toward “The Roller Coaster (A Children’s Song)”, which together with “Through the Years” are Jerry’s latest song creations. This latter song, adds a newer, crunchier and polished sound to Collins’ catalog, which is already rich with variety, both in instrumentation and vocals.

If anything, “18” teaches you to open your eyes and look within. Once you know where you’re going and you know where you’re from, just walk confidently in the direction of your faith and dreams. Whether it’s the lyrics, the melody, the music, or a combination of all, the restorative benefits of Jerry Collins’ music is astonishing.

MORE ABOUT: Fresh out of the blocks in November 2016 Jerry, a BMI affiliate, set about putting lyrics to country music tunes. Five months later he had switched to Christian/Gospel music, and by July of 2017, he was directly churning out Spiritual rhymes. All through this time Jerry Collins has picked up accolades and critical acclaim as he went about building his catalog for commercial music licensing. A member of the Episcopal Church and a graduate of a small Christian high school, Jerry also has paranormal abilities linked to his tinnitus condition, of which you can find out more on his website.


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