Joshua Bonnett: “H20” illuminates his innate talent

Joshua Bonnett is a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer from Phoenix, AZ. He now lives in Amarillo, TX with his wife of three years and his two year old...

Joshua Bonnett is a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer from Phoenix, AZ. He now lives in Amarillo, TX with his wife of three years and his two year old daughter. Joshua who began singing at the age of six, writing his own songs at nine and started rapping at fourteen, dreamed to be signed by a major record label and become a huge celebrity. He sang about girls, money and fame with the urge of achieving those very things, as he believed that they would make him a more significant person. That was until he discovered God. Now at twenty seven years of age Joshua Bonnet wants to make a positive impact on the world. His songs, though never preaching sermons, clearly reflect his Christian beliefs as he makes modern urban music that people can relate to in a positive way.

Joshua’s 9 track EP “H20”, features soul, rap, and R&B flavors. It is evident that Joshua Bonnett has the clearest understanding of Christian Theology and a great anointing for conveying the word in a way that is edifying and provides exhortation for improved practice. His pronouncements on being spiritual are very profound but often distinctly subtle and cryptic.

If you’re imagining a Christian artist in the style of Kirk Franklin or Anthony Brown & groupTherAPy, think again. The music, poetry, and vocals that Joshua uses to present his understandings represent a truly perfect integration of the tradition, culture, and contemporary social realities we live in today.

Bonnett’s music is really about the betterment of the people in this world – whether that is in a personal sphere, or on a global scale. These songs are coming from a man deeply in love, with love, and with life, and that radiates in every note of every lyric of every beat of this album.

The chord progressions, the tempos, the arrangements and the lyrics are just mesmerizing. His music has depth and meaning that we can all relate too. And he doesn’t have to mention Jesus, or God in every line, his stories and themes paint the picture of just where he is taking you, each time.

Through all of this, Joshua’s voice continues to shine, illuminating his innate talent with rich lyrics that adapt to the cultural climate of the times right now. He kicks off the EP with the feel-good title track, “H20”, before moving onto “This What They Want”, featuring his rapping skills and a few of life’s lessons about the boxes society wants you to climb into.

“Progress” rides in on a percussion interlude prior to taking on an urgent attitude, and again sees Joshua showcasing his flowing rhymes and soaring choruses.

The first true standout arrives with “Beautiful Noise, Pr.2”. Built on a thumping electronic beat and a growling bassline, Joshua’s soul-filled voice runs the range. He slows things down with the stunning “Pretty Girls” which floats in on an airy melody, before infusing itself with emotional verses and rich harmonies.

The second standout shapes up in the form of “We Will Win” ft. Loso, a stirring funky-soul vibe which again showcases Joshua’s superb vocals and smooth falsetto. “Passion” unfolds on a bed of harmonies, a thumping kick drum and a deep synth bassline.

“Bobby McFerrin Vibes” is an orchestration of complex layered voices singing harmonies on top of a finger snapping beat. It’s simply what the title says it is. Joshua then closes the EP down with the reverb-loaded “Rain-Shine”.

While some singers try to get by on the strength of their voices alone, Joshua Bonnet puts in the extra effort to stand out. He knows how to play to his strengths, and on this EP he is able to reel it in, with songs carefully crafted to his fitting. If you’re someone who disregards genre, and just wants the best of the best, when it comes to music, “H20” will be fine for you.


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