The Garbage Guys: “Bops, Bangers, and Janglers” – loud and crunchy!

The Garbage Guys describe themselves as 5 kids from Michigan who are all pretty bummed about life being what it is, but they’re trying to have as much fun with it as they can. They actually doing more than that. Most fans will probably tell you that one of the great things about the band is the raw power-pop-punk sound they have. Their album “Bops, Bangers, and Janglers” doesn’t just sound like a band going into a studio to record an album. It sounds like a group of friends jamming out in a garage.

Most of the songs on the album just pass the two and a half minute mark, each one hitting hard and hitting fast as they come along. Lead singer Case King sings, screams and shouts his way through the tracks as if it was the first one being played at a live show. Energetic and adrenaline-pumping, the album doesn’t pull any punches until the very end.

The guitars are loud and crunchy, but arranged in clear and catchy melodies that just hook you in. Speaking of hooks, there are a lot of good ones on this record. Every song will make you want to belt out each chorus alongside the melody. Jared Nelson’s drums crack, snap and bang, working beautifully in every song and bringing on a sense of urgency.

The lyricism on the record also works well with the melodies and showcases some mordacious and tongue in cheek verses. King’s dirty, sometimes, jangling guitar sounds are incisive all way round in injecting the songs with edginess. Needless to say, Ricky Wallsten’s bass lines follow suit to keep the momentum focused.

The Garbage Guys don’t screw around with bells and whistles, they are a very straightforward band which makes it is very easy to understand their potential appeal. Their blend of epic pop punk with relatable, down to earth lyrics contained to a short run-time should earn the band a considerable fan base.

The Garbage Guys excel in the use of creative and engaging melodies. Choruses are at the forefront of the album with a massive sound that makes you want to sing along. The jangly, bouncy guitars, alongside the vocal melodies on songs such as “Only Happy”, “I’m Fine” and “Know Who 2 Call” are totally irresistible to the ear.

The Garbage Guys also know how to slow things down without losing impact or momentum. Which is what they do perfectly on “Best / Worst”. And when they turn up the complexity and overdrive on “I Hit Bart’s Vape”, “This Song Is Brought to You by Leafly” and “Its Cold In Here”, you realize these guys can really play their instruments.

If you’re wondering about the hardcore punk angst, you can find it in abundance on “Slayer T-Shirt”, where Case King’s vocal performance may just steal the show. All throughout this album, The Garbage Guys keeps it interesting by varying the song structures and amplifying the melodies and harmonies within each song, as well as keeping the energy cranked way up and sounding pretty raw and untamed.

“Bops, Bangers, and Janglers” undoubtedly surpassed expectations, as did the entire crew, made up of Case King, Jared Nelson, Ricky Wallsten, Max Racine, Emma Southard and Tyler Nelson.


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