Juliett Novak: “Pap Pa-rap” confirms her growing status as a songwriting and performing artist

Singer-songwriter and pianist Juliett Novak, was born in Slovakia and currently lives in Belgium. In between, she has found the time to record songs in South Africa, and collaborate with Grammy-nominated producer Arty Skye in New York. She also attended workshops at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, where she presented her original songs in a series of concerts. However, she has since decided to take complete artistic control and release her songs on her own. She writes all her music and lyrics, produces her songs, as well as directs her own videos. Her main reason for doing everything by herself is to have a full creative control and to understand all the processes involved.

Juliett Novak recently dropped her latest single “Pap Pa-rap”, which is available in two versions. The older version, entitled “Street Party” was produced by Arty Skye, and has an edgier urban sound, to which Juliett added horns, piano parts and scratches.

The result is a song that retains its urban urgency, but is more luscious and rich sounding with a joyous party feel, which is also reflected in the video filmed in Washington. This song literally obliterates much of the commercialized trash that is cluttering the urban radio airwaves. It is just as much fun and catchy, but with a deceptively powerful arrangement under the hood.

The newer single version, “The Strength”, is soulful, emotional and uplifting, confirming that Juliett, music, and video, form a lethal combination indeed. Her voice is impressive in itself. She can sing with the best of them, and she confidently expresses this gift.

Juliett’s positive lyrics and delivery are ultimately what give this song its edge. Her vocal nuances and syncopated complex phrasing give the track an exotic quality that is rarely found in popular music. “Pap Pa-rap /THE STRENGTH/” is a more confident than anything she has done previously, both lyrically and aesthetically.

Like most of Juliett’s tracks, this one is exciting and unpredictable, with the singing and the musical arrangement sharing equal spotlight time. Here she brings flavors of Pop and classical elements together into a soulful groove that builds into a cacophony of funky drums and deep thumping bass lines.

It also flirts with tripped-out electronics which is whipped into a sexy undulating romp. With her blend of groovy instrumentals coupled with her strong vocal performances, there’s no denying Juliett Novak growing status as a songwriting and performing artist.

Everything fans of Juliett Novak have come to expect from her music, is here – from the lushness of the production values, to the sophisticated styling and her voluptuous vocal range, which is poured liltingly into these songs.

Juliett channels her personal growth and musical prolificacy into songs that chart where she is, where she has been, and where she might be going, in her quest to achieve her goals. Those who love a genuine message and inspired music, all done with great taste won’t be disappointed in these brand new releases.


Pap Pa-rap /Street Party/


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