Kooky: “Let Go” transforms feelings and emotions into sounds

From an early age, Kooky always walked around with earphones on. Music always held a special place in his heart, and when he turned thirteen he was introduced to electronic music. “Growing up, I was a chubby kid, I loved playing sports though, and was really fascinated with space and the universe (still am). I remember my father buying the first iPod that had come out. I would carry that thing everywhere,” says Kooky, continuing: “I have always been interested in computers as well.” He first heard Romanian band, Akcent and fell in love with the energy and the vibes from their songs. Subsequently he was introduced to the Trance genre. He knew then that there was something special in this field and began exploring it further.

“It has taken a long time for me to become quite confident in what I do and produce,” says Kooky. “I love making simple music but which is packed with emotions. I want to put music out there that can connect with the feelings of my listener. Even if one person relates to the track that I have made, I will be ecstatic.”

One of the songs gaining traction in his concise catalog, is the instrumental track “Let Go”. There are few greater examples of how affordable, obtainable and useable music technology has shaped the modern music scene than Kooky. He has the sound and the will power to rise from the ranks of bedroom experimenters to the platforms of the international electronic scene.

The producer delivers warm, fuzzy, embracing, and melodic soundscapes which are ready to win him many fans. While so much electronic music sounds the same right now, Kooky weaves his influences into a cohesive whole that’s both danceable and perfect for sofa listening too.

Constructed and indulged in a deep lush sound, “Let Go” is perfect to listen to whilst having a few drinks on a Sunday afternoon, or smashing it out on a Saturday night with a bunch of friends who love to get down to business.

And the results on “Let Go” bare that out – as the song switches from minimal electronics to big sounding drops and back again to brilliant effect. Whether it’s the attention-grabbing synths flitting around the resonate pianos or the slow building beat accompanying the fluid basslines, this is a formidable arrangement.

It’s worth picking this record up. It’s assertive in developing Kooky as a stylistically independent artist and more sure-footed than his previous works. And if there’s one thing we discover about his music, it’s that it speaks to our souls due to his incredible ability to transform feelings and emotions into sounds that are entirely his own.

What makes an artist truly live up to that title, is the ability to create art that allows people to participate in the artist’s journey of emotions. That’s what Kooky achieves here. Overall, “Let Go” is very well-polished and is an audible display of Kooky’s growth into his role as an electronic producer.


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