Randall Lee Richards: “A Heartbreak In The Making” is masterfully catchy

Birmingham (AL) native, Randall Lee Richards was a precocious talent. At 12-years old, Richards convinced his older brother to drive him to Nashville in the hopes of making his dream come true with his demo at hand. The two walked up and down Nashville’s famed Music Row knocking on doors until the young artist scored his first record deal – it took all of one day. Richards recorded his first single within a month of signing his deal. This eventually led to Richards performing on some of the world’s most acclaimed stages including The Roxy and The Troubadour. Surprisingly his greatest success has come as a songwriter. Under the EMI/Sony Music banner, he penned songs that have been recorded over one hundred times around the world, selling millions of copies.

Richards even had the distinct honor of being mentored by some of music’s most legendary icons, including Neil Diamond, Charlie Daniels and Elton John. Since mid-2017, Richards is back, directly in front of his audiences, having also been inducted into the CMA.

In the last 12 months Randall Lee Richards has written and recorded a total of 15 new songs in Nashville with some of the top studio musicians. He is planning on releasing one new single each month with both a radio mix and a “Hot” fusion mix for Spotify and other streaming services.

“These days everyone absorbs music very quickly, so we’re thinking it’s better to give them something new all the time instead of releasing an LP which might stick around for a couple of years,” explained the artist. During August Richards released “A Heartbreak In The Making”. One listen to this track and it’s evident that the man has been writing songs every day since he was 10.

The release also showcases why the singer-songwriter was inducted into the CMA. “A Heartbreak In The Making” holds a unique twist on an age-old story and is tailor made for him. It’s a glimpse into the changing times in a three-and-a-half minute song.

After decades of writing songs, Richards proves that he continues to push himself, and although he has been on the country and pop scene for a while, he really seems to hit his stride with this one. As a singer, Richards passes with flying colors as he breathes real passion into this song.

“A Heartbreak In The Making” is also masterfully catchy, with a genuine narrative everyone can relate to. Richards has a lot of charisma, a ton of range as a performer and a knack for writing great lyrics and hooks – I thinks it will be hard for anyone, regardless of genre, to look at his music and not see some of the brilliance.

Randall Lee Richards also has the knack of staying relevant, which is probably the hardest trait to hold onto, when you’ve been in the business as long as he has. With bro-country dominating the country airwaves, Richards tries his hand at blending the luscious pop vibes with country’s more traditional elements, and comes up with a winning formula. Randall Lee Richards is clearly on his way to cranking out many more hits as he moves forward.


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