Olexandr Ignatov: “Forgotten Reality” – epic instrumental orchestrations

Olexandr Ignatov is a musician and composer from Ukraine. He is well known for his inspirational piano compositions which has gained a lot of success on YouTube, with millions of views. He’s also one of the most prolific royalty free music composers for media and his music is also being used worldwide in many projects, from family videos to films. Ignatov likes to work in different genres, like piano, epic/cinematic, new age, ambient, rock, metal, hip-hop and acoustic music. He is currently promoting his 16 track album entitled “Forgotten Reality”. The term cinematic music has been used to describe everything from the grand orchestral work of John Williams and the hybrid scores of Hans Zimmer to lonely, solo piano textures. A perfect listening example would be the work Ignatov has completed on this album.

There is a list of techniques shared among many top class cinematic-styled music composers, which includes dazzling harmonic progressions; thick, stratified textures using soaring melodic figures and ostinato patterns; broad, weighty instrumentation that targets extreme registers and dynamics, high range clusters used to elicit emotional response; and driving rhythms and melodies within dominating textures. “Forgotten Reality” illustrates just about all of these conditions which are emblematic of modern film scores. Hence this album, as far as epic soundtracks go, is exceptional.

While many of us will have hummed a ditty absently in the shower or whistled on our way to work, few can build a coherent melody and harmony around that, score the thing for a full orchestra and employ it to bring a story to life. For that, you need someone both talented and trained.

The tracks across this album confirm without doubt that Olexandr Ignatov suits the bill perfectly. The layered richness of Olexandr Ignatov’s work is showcased right from the opening track, “Adventure To Go”. Close your eyes and listen to this mini-symphony and you’ll imagine movie scenes inside your head.

The great thing about Ignatov’s composing is the way that he can embody all the emotive sounds and textures of the brass, keyboards and strings and bring them together to create a very haunting yet triumphed sound with differing timbres.

It’s at once evident on the title track, “Forgotten Reality”, and then more subtly confirmed on the gentler “Can’t Stop The Sunrise”. Ignatov has also created some extremely emotive pieces for the album, such as the dynamic “Land Of The Lost” and the sprawling piano-driven, “Truth Will Triumph”.

The melodies and haunting harmonies that are created on these tracks make the listener feel the composer’s every heartbeat and piano stroke. Primarily a masterpiece of multilayered orchestration, this album also showcases sequences that meander through quieter, more surreal atmospheres.

These can be found on tracks such as “Blue Ice”, “Infinite Survival”, and “Rising From The Ashes” where the resonating sound of the piano dominates the arrangements. Painting emotion through simplicity, Ignatov has the ability to find the notes that matter, which connect us to the musical motifs.

There can be no doubt that Olexandr Ignatov’s music moves and inspires the listener, from the opening, to the very final track on this album. He has also mastered the art of recording his music, capturing every detail and nuance with the highest order of sound quality. Nearly every moment of “Forgotten Reality” is majestic.

If you are someone who loves epic instrumental orchestrations or cinematic soundtracks then I highly suggest you listen to Olexandr Ignatov’s music. Detailed, fascinating and enthralling the entire recording here is captivating. No one should hesitate to experience what Ignatov has cooked up on “Forgotten Reality”.


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