Jason Gee: “Plays With Rhythm” – invigorating with subtle moments of respite

UK-based Swiss artist, Jason Gee is an eclectic musician. He has learned music theory and classical piano and transferred his interest towards synthesizers, 80’s tunes and modern pop. A Tai Chi student, animal lover and videogame fanatic, Jason loves composing music, especially when he is inspired by the video game universe. He loves listening to soundtracks when gaming, which has led him to produce his own instrumental track for those enjoyable occasions. The track in question, is “Plays With Rhythm”, which is exactly what Jason Gee intended to do with the track: “With this music, I want to surprise the audience with unexpected rhythm coming along the synths,” explained Jason.

The single is an experience anyone looking for an introduction into the all-embracing side of the video game soundtrack genre will thoroughly enjoy. In fact this is perfect for a movie soundtrack too. The artist, whose current favorite game is “Red Dead Redemption”, delivers a mid to upbeat synth saga with a playful melodic motif.

Jason Gee understands the videogame musical environment better than most, it would seem. In the creation of “Plays With Rhythm”, he has have tapped into a well of pure and powerful nostalgia, using it to craft something sweet – yet overwhelming euphoric. At its best this track is gloriously invigorating with subtle moments of respite, so that you can catch your breath.

It’s an enjoyable recording right from the off, with the track providing a huge keyboard rush as it steadily meanders, builds, and then soars into infinity, setting the tone for a consistently surprising and tingle-inducing 6 plus minutes. It’s a deliciously addictive formula.

If you’re expecting chiptune electronics, you’ll be wrong, Jason Gee uses rich and luscious synth sounds. People talk about the power of music to fill you with emotions – and it feels kind of strange to say this about this kind of upbeat tune – but listening to Jason will make you a believer.

Jason’s composing is as potent as ever. I would also like to mention that the production also sounds good. The synths, pianos, bass and drums mesh very well, with everything just sounding crystal clear, like pouring sweet sugar into your ears.

Considering the extensive amount of EDM releases, I feel I can confidently say that the sonic route Jason Gee has taken, offers a fresh perspective and some of the more exciting electronic music to come about recently. You should listen and pay attention. This guy is bursting with joyous energy, as intricate melodies whirl their way through a driving beat and a throbbing rhythm section.

This is a magical detour from Jason’s other works which include vocals, but still maintains his signature ‘nostalgic’ synth sound. If you have any interest in electronic music, you need to hear this track. It’s just beautiful.

I hope we have many more things to hear from Jason Gee in the future because he seems to get better with each passing release. Furthermore Jason takes himself far less seriously than the bulk of the electronic upstarts running around the circuit, which makes him much more charming too!


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