Lyndon Rivers: “Be Your Lover” Ft. Glen Kirton – a step towards mainstream!

“Be Your Lover” Ft Glen Kirton by Lyndon Rivers is largely and lavishly produced by Scamp, and written by Rivers, whose songs are tapestries of intriguing textures. This track is actually a re-release and has been remastered and re-worked by Rivers. The quaking, stop-on-a-dime bass of unsettles, while the 8-bit sounding synth disorients with drums that coyly drop the snare hits exactly where they’re expected. If this guy’s songwriting and production credits don’t skyrocket within a year, it will be a perversion of justice. Lyndon Rivers is a gifted songwriter and producer who is awaiting that signature track to nudge him out from behind the world-renowned artists standing in front of him. With “Be Your Lover”, he seems anxious to step into the spotlight. His music now exudes the confidence and professionalism of a star act.

“Be Your Lover” Ft Glen Kirton, one again has that modern dance sound with a touch of twisted nostalgia in the synths. That zone is a space that only Lyndon Rivers can occupy successfully, subtly intertwining his melodies with extreme finesse.

Every note is comfortably at home with the next and it exudes a certain confidence that only comes as an innate gift. The production coincides with the vibe of the lyrical content, providing the appropriate atmosphere on the record. Altogether, it creates a complete sonic package.

On “Be Your Lover”, Rivers shines once more with the quality of his composition, honing his craft and taking it to a new level. Arguably his finest – certainly, most mainstream – work to date, the song is a simple and delightfully restrained mid-tempo banger of love.

Devoid of the treacly sentimentality, cloying vocals and tired platitudes we’ve come to expect of such numbers from others, the track excels by being plain and direct. Uncluttered by the theatre and noise of overwrought lyrics, extravagant singing and dramatic beats, the song is a perfect illustration of Lyndon Rivers’ appeal as an artist.

Rivers can certainly deliver unique arrangements and surprising sonic twists that elevate his style. His is also ably assisted by Glen Kirton’s vocals, which is resonant and dynamic. The auto-tune effect is used just right, as Kirton weaves through vocal riffs with the confidence of a prizefighter.Lyndon Rivers’ arrangements once again steal the show.

The producer’s ability to find intricacies in the modern EDM template has always been a strength, but with “Be Your Lover”, a shift towards the mainstream styles winds up hogging the spotlight. Melodic shifts that initially go unnoticed reveal themselves to be vital upon repeat listens. These details are spread throughout the record’s high points.

It’s hard to stand out in a world where so many artists sound the same. Turn on your radio, or find a popular streaming playlist, and you’ll hear plenty of artists that all sound similar. Why stand out when you can fit in and still make a boatload of money? For many this has become the norm as nothing usually stands out about their music. There are exceptions to the rule.

Whether Lyndon Rivers’ brand lands him in the same league as acclaimed stars remains to be seen, but to harp on this is to miss the point. “Be Your Lover” is worth a listen because it allows the songwriter and producer to avoid any emulation and indulge in musical eccentricities unique to him. Lyndon Rivers and his musical pieces are slowly stepping out from the shadows, and it looks to be a progression worth keeping tabs on.


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