Untitled Art – hard, pulse-pounding and window-rattling music!

I don’t think you could give a better name than Untitled Art to this project, as  leader David Hugh Sempier surprises me every time, staying in constant evolution within the electronic genre, which in itself moves forward in leaps and bounds. Untitled Art is proof that sometimes, in the fickle world of electronic music, dodging the latest trends and sticking to your strengths pays off. David who works with Producer James Linton of Soundwaves Studios in Arizona, is back with two brand new single releases – “The Change (Part 1)” and the timeless classic “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)”, originally done by Joy Division.

Untitled Art make loud, hard pulse-pounding and window-rattling music, which they thrust raw and uncut into our collective consciousness. They are a blend of techno/dance that incorporates alternative rock, industrial, punk and darkwave into their sound.

The main reason I love this music is just because it is so tight and well made, and so extremely rhythm oriented, there are no dull spots. Dull spots are the main weakness of most bad electronic music. While a lot of electronica goes on too long, becomes self-indulgent or pretentious and really doesn’t mean much. David Hugh Sempier never falls into this trap.

How many electronic artists can you think of that would totally dismantle and destroy a classic like “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)”? The almost 40 year old love lament, easily lends itself to melodramatic interpretation.

It’s affecting lyrics alone being tremendously impacting:  “When routine bites hard / And ambitions are low / And resentment rides high / But emotions won’t grow / And we’re changing our ways, taking different roads / Then love, love will tear us apart again / Love, love will tear us apart again.”  Untitled Art distinguishes itself by practicing a creative restraint in executing this cover.

The project sticks to the original Joy Division game-plan, both melodically and musically. Letting the song and its message come through clearly. Untitled Art does however pump Adrenalin into the soundscape, with thumping basslines and ass-kicking drums. And David Hugh Sempier does leave plenty of room for growling synths and epic effects, but never at the expense of revolutionizing the essence of the original.

“Love Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)” is a tribute to dying relationship, a haunted singer and a legendary band. Curiously, Joy Division singer Ian Curtis took his own life on 18 May 1980 and the original version of the song was released as a single the month after.

I think Untitled Art is much more than an electronic music project. David uses electronic sounds, but behind the beeps and buttons there’s a real progressive rock and punk feeling, and “The Change (Part 1)” authenticates that statement. It’s dark, its edgy, its loud and its aggressive and that’s what Untitled Art is about on here.

Stick it on, crank up the bass and try and hear all the layers of madness that David lovingly crafted onto this track, to make it an audio catharsis. And just to make it even more immersing, vocal ecstasy and melodic fantasy take you further into the enchanted and unchartered realms of Untitled Art. Nothing else needs to be said.


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