Lyndon Rivers: “No More Tears” will continue to endear Rivers to his growing legion of fans

Bouncy, dark, mysterious, spacey, danceable at times, perfect to relax at other times, “No More Tears” by Lyndon Rivers, is a four minute beast of many colors and all of them are shining bright. Rivers, who hails from the UK, but lives in Australia, has been one of the up and coming names in the electro music scene, since he dropped his debut and subsequently released a heap follow ups from month to month. All of those efforts were pretty good, showcasing a lot of promise and all of the producer’s potential. This year Rivers has really been hitting his stride, releasing a series of excellent singles over the course of 2018. His latest offering “No More Tears”, is one the strongest of the bunch and will take you on a highly enjoyable trip through the darkest night of love, right into the light.

A mix of EDM and R&B sounds, flavored with dancehall rhythms, and dreamy alternative rock-styled bridges. Rivers is currently going through the production stage of changing tempos. His latest tracks all have blended different tempos and moods infused into them. “No More Tears”, is no exception to the rule.

I’ve said this before, but I need to repeat myself again. In a time where electronic music is bigger than ever and with big name producers landing smash hit after smash hit, while in fact reproducing the same, slightly tweaked two songs over and over again, it’s easy get turned off by the whole genre.

In fact it’s easy to say, that electronica is a pretty cheap genre sometimes. Although there is also a lot of well-made electronic music out there, it’s still nice to see, how much Lyndon Rivers obviously cares about every single note and every single detail, as he keeps himself out of the mainstream box. All of this, obviously at the expense of commercial success.

Rivers expertly infuses a lot of styles into his songs, from deep and hard hitting club beats, to pop focused and retro styles, he has got it all, and more often than not, he will use all of those elements and more in a single song.

This may sound overbearing, but while he does that, Rivers also manages to create very coherent tracks, which rarely feel stuffed with too many things, but instead are very focused on creating changing moods. He again achieves that on “No More Tears”, where the song is broken into diverse sections and overtones, to make sure it holds your attention.

The track is pretty dark and brooding in places, as the narrator attempts to uplift her lover, soulfully singing: “No I don’t ever want to ever see you cry. No more tears.” Despite moments of changing rhythms, and louder sections, things are cool, calm, and collected; traits that surely endear Rivers to his growing legion of fans.

Lyndon Rivers is unlike any other electronic producer I have listened to, with a satisfying blend of solid beats and innovative electronic sounds that create an airy-atmospheric feel to all of his songs. He is both retro and futuristic at the same time!


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