Scott Zartman: “Desperate In Love” is performed with self-assured flair

Scott Zartman, singer-songwriter, born and raised in Hanover, PA. A young Scott would use his mother’s fake silver candle holders as microphones to sing to an imaginary audience. Smitten by his favorite group KISS at age 14, he taught himself how to play guitar. He recorded many songs on his tape recorder until the ever-changing technology eventually gave Scott a chance to make music like the pros first with a multi-track recorder and then by way of the computer in his bedroom home studio. Although he tends to write songs from the heart, defined by feeling and the relationships in between, Scott states that very few of his songs are autobiographical. At some point Scott felt the need to withdraw from his urge to make music. It was around about the time his father passed away, and he was also having problems with his voice.

However Scott gallantly soldiered on and released his debut digital album, ‘Open to Suggestion’ in 2017.  Late last year he followed this up with his sophomore effort, ‘Making Up for Lost Time’. Whatever project Scott Zartman is pursuing, he’s always easy on the ear. Scott’s unmistakable brand of pop blends with the acoustic and organic instrumentation perfectly.

Neither takes precedence but rather compliments the other until it’s hard to remember why music doesn’t always sound like this. The warmth and bravado underpinned by heartfelt confession and inevitability.

There is singing, harmonizing, percussion and rhythm, as the voices – both vocal and instrumental – take turns at center stage. It’s a conversation between a very talented musical voice and vibrant instruments that at its best combine an acute sense of melody that slices through the lyrical narratives.

Most of Scott’s compositions come to life in rainbow colors, making full use of his range of expression. One such track, is the single “Desperate In Love”, lifted off the album, ‘Making Up for Lost Time’.

This piece feels mature. It’s confident in its step and a pleasure to listen to. The vocals touching tender falsetto notes. Each instrument sounding accomplished while percolating with nostalgically popular riffs, and blending genre flavors with self-assured flair.

The drums have an upbeat, driving quality to it while the jangling guitar courses comfortable, lulling harmonies, building in familiar-feeling ways. The track has its dancing shoes straddling both the pop and folk camps, and somehow manages to bind them together with skill and personality.

I listened throughout the entire album, and Scott Zartman never fails to fuse impressive musicianship, heartrending vocals, and irresistible melodies into timeless gems. He sings with charming, almost boyish allure, delivering profound sentiments, allowing its sonic essence to speak volumes. Scott weaves between bombastic moments and serene, romantic interludes, seamlessly, evoking a fondness for dramatic vibrancy.

All things considered, “Desperate In Love” packs a strong melody, lyrics, and vocals, and the wise instrumental interludes scattered throughout its duration are impeccable. Scott Zartman has elevated his artistic intent fearlessly and deliberately, and for that he deserves considerable credit.


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