Yeray Rivera: “Dreamtime Memories” – rare, compelling and superb

If nothing else, the single “Dreamtime Memories” proves that Yeray Rivera is his own man, one that doesn’t need to follow any trends, any bands or any other solo artists. It proves that his vocals are nothing to ignore and his start as a recording can only grow from here. Rivera isn’t outright going for pop or hip-hop, or even trap. He isn’t’ even going for something folksy, electronic or with a rock n’ roll base. He is in the Urban and R&B atmosphere, with a crystal clear acoustic and organic aura, making him sound fresh, new and original. Born in the Canary Islands and currently living in London, Yeray Rivera plays the guitar, piano and Timple, while also being a full-time Law student.

“Dreamtime Memories” is simply and beautifully produced and executed. He expertly molds his distinctive voice to fit the song, which is a journey through longing, love, hope, commitment, and loneliness. The sounds are timeless, but with a fresh perspective.

Yeray Rivera doesn’t sound like anything else hitting the markets these days. This is Rivera’s uncompromising perspective of what uncomplicated and emotional music should be and sound like. And he truly flourishes and quite literally blossoms throughout this song. It’s very much worth having in your collection.

This single is better than I could have anticipated, and it doesn’t feel artificial; it’s not trying to please an entire demographic, like most new artists are attempting to do as they step forward. Almost on his own, in a modern music world filled with over-hyped, overproduced music releases Yeray Rivera stands to his full, unhindered potential.

He demonstrates a more than capable vocal range that’s soothing in all its tones. The music itself has an urban edge, and yet is soft and mellow. The moving, heartfelt lyrics, and the smooth chord progressions also testify to Rivera’s songwriting skills.

A far cry from the computer-generated and perfectly packaged formulas currently emanating from the airwaves, “Dreamtime Memories” is something honest that is also statement of the musician’s inspirational influences and feelings. It is quality music that brings a sincere voice and a resonating sound to the table.

It will surprise you even if you are expecting it to be good. Which is rare in our day of cookie cutter pop. You could just sit down in a rainy day with a cup of coffee at home listening to this, or even drive down to the beach while basking in the uncluttered arrangement of this heartfelt music.

It is clear that Yeray Rivera has a major appreciation for organic sound and authentic music. In simpler terms, if you are looking for something that is rare, compelling and superb, listen to “Dreamtime Memories”. It sounds like he’s talking right in your ear and therefore makes you feel like he is bearing his soul to you. It will create a nostalgic image in your head and leave you wanting to press the replay button repeatedly.


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