Dizillian: “I Don’t Care” (ft-RJay) – captivating crossover catchiness!

For years, dance music was seen as largely incompatible with the radio format—perfect for lucrative club and festival sets, but not always for the measured pace of a radio chart. As with any great bubble, though, the EDM explosion gradually loosened this thinking, and as record labels try to wring every last dollar they can out of the genre, the EDM & Pop crossover-powered radio singles has become a ritual no DJ/producer can afford to forgo.

“I Don’t Care” (ft-RJay) by Dizillian, is the kind of opportunity for pure creative expression and captivating crossover catchiness to reach towards the airwaves as well as dance-floors.

There’s craft and musicianship on display, and a smooth rhythmic template with catch-and-release synth melodies that offers much more than just the usual empty fist-pumping and beer-commercial party vibes. “I Don’t Care” (ft-RJay) is a track that perfectly satisfies, both dance conventions, and pop ambitions.

Dizillian is an American EDM, Future House, Dubstep, and R&B Soul producer who was always musically inspired since the age of 8, especially once his mom had bought a piano. In 2010, he started to DJ for events and clubs in California but his dream was soon shattered due to his family thinking that is was an impediment to his education.

In 2016, he moved to Utah to pursue a career as a Chef, studying the culinary arts, but he had continual doubts. Dizillian eventually had the desire to start producing music for the first time and found a never ending passion for making music. One of his main inspirations now is his step father and brother, who continues to encourage him to work hard and never give up.

“I Don’t Care” (ft-RJay) is proof that Dizillian is on the right track with his desires and passion. If he wanted to show off his production chops, this was the way to go. Dizillian is a perfectionist at his work and has really set the standard high here.

The track is driven by a dominating keyboard motif framed by stripped-down percussion and atmospheric elements. It makes for a refreshing blend of shimmering chord structures. On top, a soulful vocal and moody melody embellish the embracing and soothing sound track. There’s more than just emotion and the vibes are incredibly overpowering.

Dizillian sounds ready to go on a flourishing trajectory, and storm the charts, with his unique musicality and inspired production prowess, which knows no bounds. He has the production chops to immediately aim towards underground dominance, while also showcasing the potential to lean towards the over-ground notoriety afforded to many of his peers.

Deeply woven into a fine fabric of quality EDM music, Dizillian does everything right with “I Don’t Care” (ft-RJay). The pristine sound design and an emotional aura make for a perfect listening experience right from minute one!


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