Vaxxo: “Turn The Page” – a real rush to the head and the heart!

On his latest single release, “Turn The Page”, the Portuguese born and raised artist, Vaxxo – now residing and making waves in Canada – gives the song a raw, edgy, gritty, and monster-driven, hit-laden shine. In an era where popularity and misguided reality outweigh quality and competence, Vaxxo brings back the intrinsic core values of a pop-rock song. To keep your roots and appeal to a wide variety of listeners is quite an accomplishment. First, the music is well-crafted and melodic throughout; it’s markedly -better- than some of his major label stylistic rivals. Secondly, the passion in the performance. And thirdly, the persuasive narrative. You can tell when an artist is shooting lyrics off-handedly, as opposed to having a connection to the words. It’s a distinction that matters to me. Vaxxo has got such a great voice tone and it is extremely powerful to boot, mix that with his emotional lyrics and you have got a captivating combination.

“Turn The Page” is sweet and refined, yet wild and growly – and a real rush to the head and the heart. You will be seriously, blown away at the quality of this record. The tempo, the sentiment, the poetry and the artistic performance, is backed by a superlative production that rocks hard but maintains a refined quality that will allow the song plenty of radio play and charting possibilities.

Vaxxo is by far, one of the most impressive and talented emerging performers to come along in a while. On this song in particular, he has challenged himself vocally throughout giving a lot more texture and substance to the song.

One of Vaxxo’s strongest assets is his ability to deliver emotionally charged songs that truly resonate. There’s no questioning what feelings are being relayed from song to song, when he is on the mic. Whether you’re into rock, pop, or a just a great song to get to know, “Turn The Page” is a song that’s sure to please everyone.

Overall, the song takes you on a journey through your own memories. Those memories are not just of love, but also of friendship, loss and every rock song that acted as the soundtrack to your life during those moments. On repeat listens, “Turn The Page” comes into progressively sharper focus, repetition leading to even stronger appreciation.

The main reason to check out “Turn The Page” would be because of Vaxxo’s fabulous and extremely distinct voice, but then again his vocals have always been his music’s natural focal point, for obvious reasons. In rock settings, Vaxxo is a true great – and he also grabs pop by the horns and bends it to his will.

The power involved in “Turn The Page” is undeniable, the production underpinning Vaxxo’s voice is appropriately flawless, and the dynamic beat also performs to superb effect.  This song currently blows everything else out of the water, rendering the rest of Vaxxo’s genre-colleagues temporarily forgotten for this year.  On this evidence, there’s no doubt where the artist’s strengths lie, and that he is planning to be around for some time to come!



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