Zenith: “When I’ll See You Again” – a sophisticated, nuanced, and enveloping sonic aura

Influenced by Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, and ELO, among many others, Brody Mullikin is aiming to bring back classic rock. The 21 year old musician from Florida, USA plays all the instruments, as well as mixes and masters his own material via his solo project Zenith. Currently the project has two singles out from his upcoming album “Summer Red”. The single “When I’ll See You Again” is built on the interchange between light and dark atmospheres, soulful piano passages, somewhat spacey guitars, and mellow vocal lines. Brody’s voice leads the arrangement, and its beauty leaves you breathless at the end. This piece of music is simply brilliant. Everything comes together here and genius reigns. It’s unbelievable – I listened to it over and over again, and it easily trumps the vast majority of new music out today in both quality and sheer scope.

“When I’ll See You Again” gets the attention by keeping the passion for arcs of suspension. The cinematic soundscape meets an outstanding melody that provides you with over 6 minutes of dreamful music. If you love atmospheric rock music and if you have a passion for big melodic compositions you have to call this record your own.

If you’re new to Zenith, keep in mind that this isn’t your garden-variety of classic rock with leaping time signatures and space-age lyrics. Zenith gravitates somewhere between Pink Floyd and Dire Straits in his delivery; the intensity and dynamics are also akin to Radiohead in some instances. In the middle of these influences is where Brody Mullikin’s own identity rises up.

The crossing of soft guitar touches, keyboard notes and strong drum pattern, drive us through several minutes of wonderful music. And in such Zenith resets the standard for how to combine gorgeously heartrending songwriting with sophisticated, nuanced, and enveloping sonic auras.

The records purveys a masterful sense of longing, hope, and antagonism as only a mastermind songwriter could craft and deliver. The track’s heightened emphasis on subtlety, diversity, and unconventionality makes it superior to its competition, if such still exists. “When I’ll See You Again” is an atmospheric, challenging, and poignant tour-de-force whose fascinating tones recall the exploratory nature of Pink Floyd classic benchmarks.

While Brody can write something beautiful, it’s often his understated singing, and masterful guitar playing that truly makes the song captivating, which is the case with this track.  His finesse as a guitarist is evident on the heart-wrenching solo, with its ability to drive the track without it feeling a minute too long.

Hype is dangerous and thus we must be careful when we see it lurking in the shadows. It’s constantly trying to convince us that the latest product is going to be eternally great, but in this case it might just be right. There is something about the calmness that compels your ears to comprehend the true musical value of what’s going on here.

Lastly we need to talk about their cover design. Sometimes the cover artwork of a particular release is almost as important as the music itself. A striking cover can pike your interest to try a record that you’ll later adore, or a cover that fits beautifully with the music can help you understand what feeling the artist is trying to create and possibly enjoy the music more.

In this case the bond between music, artist and artwork is especially strong, considering Brody Mullikin took care of the design himself. All things considered, it’s fair to say that Zenith has pulled off a brilliantly and thoroughly accomplished record.


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